Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Taking A Leap.....

Here we go folks.... sending in our offer on the beach lot.... eeeeek!!!! We decided to make a pretty low offer- $33k- (compared to their asking price of $47k). The asking price had been $40k just last week, and the listing agent said with all the interest they'd had in the lot, they felt they'd underpriced it..... well.... it's been a week, and no one has made a move on it- so I'm acting as if they never changed the price..... the town of Carolina Beach is also planning to pave the street this summer, and all the homeowners on the street will be assessed a fee for the paving... so we took an estimate of what we will be charged into account when making our offer. Here's hoping they see it our way, and will come off their price a bit!!!!

Cross your fingers for us!!!!!

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