Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Um.... Happy 2012?

So.... yeah.... it's been a while... eeek.

Photography has really absorbed our free time, and with Jeremy working now we just aren't doing as many "home" projects. However, we are about to start a really exciting process... building a beach house!

We met with our architect on Friday night to give him an idea of what we are looking for, and a direction for him to go. Here are the basics...

1. ~1500 square feet
2. 2 or 3 bedrooms
3. A loft with built in bunks or twins
4. 2.5 baths
5. Vaulted ceiling in the living area
6. Clawfoot tub
7. A story & a half
8. Screened in porch.

We're really excited.... terrified of the quotes builders may give us.... but really excited :-)

Understand, this won't be a really active topic for a while, but we'll keep you filled in as we progress with the project!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Steal | Jonathan Adler

I try to avoid the impulse purchases of things that are so neatly displayed by registers. However, last week I couldn't help myself!

I was checking out of the Marshalls/Homegoods in Huntersville and there was a giant basket full of Jonathan Adler gift wrap!!! I happily grabbed 2 rolls at $2.99 each :-)

Since spotting it online for this post, I really want the multi color chevron pictured.

I got the orange/pink diamond on top & the green greek key pointed to in the bottom picture

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Splurge.

For the last several years I've wanted riding boots. I've lusted over every girl wearing them, but just didn't want to drop the cash to have a "nice" pair. A few years ago I bought a pair from JCrew, but they were a weird gray & they were way too tight on my legs.....

Yesterday I splurged.

Hello, Melissa.
You were very expensive & you better last me a lifetime.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gardening & Such.

Last weekend, I decided I wanted to plant a "garden".

I'd bought some flower bulbs (roots?) of peonies (which have since been refunded, because they found a disease..) so I got the nack to plant something else.... food!

Spinach, Peas and Beans :-)

Either the beans or peas have sprouted... but I don't think the spinach has yet.... 

I also made the doggies a new bed for their crate.... the old ones smelled awful & no matter how many times we washed them they still stunk!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3 Day Weekends = Shopping.

When we got about halfway though 2011 and I hadn't booked a wedding for Labor Day weekend, I decided that was designated "me" time. I needed time to relax, clean my house & amp up for a very busy fall.

It's no secret that I am a die hard shopper, and this weekend, I made it a mission to go out looking for nothing in particular & see what I could find.

After a few hours of working in my photo office on Friday afternoon, I decided to hit up the ReStore in Cornelius. One of my new favorite places to frequent. I immediately spotted something I had to have! 2 almost perfect end tables for my office! I knew with wanting a white, round coffee table (and already having lots of wood in the space) I wanted metal coffee tables.... preferably gold ones! (crazy, I know.)

But there they were in all their glory.... and only $10 each! (they had a matching coffee table too... but I left that for someone else to love)

They do have some heinous gray-ish glass tops, but I am in the works of having clear glass cut to replace them...

That's not all folks.... I came away with one other awesome goody.....

I spotted a round, pedestal dining table.... studied it, and then text Jeremy a photo of it, asking if he thought we could chop it down shorter, to make a coffee table?

He thought so.... but I decided it wasn't worth the trouble... I had no way to get it home, and wasn't sure I was sold on it.... I mean after all, I'd have to chop the base, sand all that horrible lacquer off and then paint it white..... so I headed to the checkout to pay for my end tables. The lovely lady reminded me that everything was 15% off! (they had a sign at the door, but I forgot about it).... then she asked if I was going to be taking them with me, or coming back to pick up?

I didn't even realize pick up was an option! So with the knowledge of the sale, and the pickup policy.... I told her to hang on.... their was a dining table I wanted too!

I grabbed the ticket & paid for my goods.... my tables were $8.50 each and the dining table was $38.25 :-)

I hope I can get it picked up, and finished before we leave for Savannah on Friday!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Are you familiar with Zara? Are you lucky enough to live near one?

I am jealous of you.

I heard about Zara several years ago, but because they don't do online shopping, I've never been able to fully appreciate it. When we were in Miami (almost a year ago!?!?) I spotted one, but didn't go in because we were on our way to brunch at The Big Pink (which is amazing, go if you're in South Beach... they even have pink VW Bugs for deliveries!)

Well... ladies and gentelmen... all hell is about to break loose because Zara is opening their online store NEXT WEEK!

I spent a considerable amount of time perusing the site yesterday (but only the sale stuff!) picking out things I want.
Here they are...

What have you picked out??

Monday, August 29, 2011


Since I first met the lovely Elizabeth Tolley, I knew I needed to invest in some "good" makeup. Not the crap you can get in your local drug store.

Well... in college & after I used Rimmel foundation. I thought it was step up from the Maybelline liquid my mom had used (I was so wrong).

I then decided to try the Bare Minerals stuff. Loved it.... but recently I've needed a change. I decided it was time to take the plunge.

A few weeks ago I bought some Maybelline Fit blush.... hated it. The color just wasn't there, it wasn't working for me. Decided it was time to finally get that Nars blush Elizabeth used on my wedding day.... Nars Peaches. To the mall I went.

I went in for 2 reasons.... blush & nailpolish. I splurged on a bottle of Essie last weekend while in Wilmington... wow. worth every penny of the $8 I spent on that bottle. It lasts SO much longer than crappy nailpolish! It didn't chip for 5 days last week... I repainted them on Saturday for a wedding & they haven't chipped yet.

"Lady Like"

Well, Sephora carries Dior foundation. I asked one of the sales girls if  there was ANYTHING comparable to it.... she sadly shook her head & told me no, it really is the best. So, I splurged. $60+ for a can of spray foundation is more than double I've ever spent on any makeup product. I'm 3 days in using it.... OMG... so love! It's a super fast application & covers like a dream. I didn't use any concealer this morning :-)

I'll let you know how long it lasts. Sephora's website says about 60 days.

Here's the blush I came out with... Nars Sex Appeal. It seems to be a little light for my skin (I'm always afraid of getting a color too dark!) So maybe next time I'll go for something with more color.


While in Wilmington (when I got the Essie) I also picked up some lip stain. I think it's the new thing for girls my age. We don't wear lipstick, so this is what the cosmetic industry has come up with to sell us something. I picked up "flushed". This stuff is the ticket! It goes on and doesn't come off on anything! Nothing gunky or sticky :-)