Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I can't help it.....

I like pretty things.... and can't stop looking at inspirational photos for a beach house we might own one day.... :-/

We'll start with kitchen areas.... plenty of that open shelving I'm loving for beach homes!

I think these photos confirm that teal will be a major player when it comes to decorating!

I want retro appliances ;-)

On to living spaces.....

Must have a giant sectional sofa!

Love this staircase!!!!

I really love this layout... the open concept is so fantastic.... and it's not so large you feel lost, it's nice and cozy. We also hope to have vaulted ceilings in this room like the photo....

Again... love the staircase and the cozy feeling of this living room

I love the simplistic design of this next home.... very clean lines, but not stale. Again... love the layout.... exactly how I'm picturing our future beach house....

mmmmm more teal! I love the skylight/daybed area.... and the staircase coming up in the middle.... the layout isn't as open as the others, but I still love it!

I do not desire a workspace at the beach house... but I love the idea of a cozy area upstairs that overlooks the living space downstairs!

On to the bathrooms...

Love the way they made storage in the wall... clever.

if money was no object....

On to sleeping spaces....

I love how this room is decorated. It would make a perfect "master" overlooking the backyard... with french doors to a little private deck.... mmm yes I can see it now!

Love the simple design of this cozy room. The tan and yellow scream beach to me! I want one of our rooms to have 2 double beds... extra sleeping space and perfect for families/kids.

I love the idea of twin beds tucked in a non traditional sleeping space, like a hallway. I love the drawers below the beds too.... again, great for kids!

again... 2 beds in one room.... love it!

and more random twin beds... this time on a sleeping porch.... love it!

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