Monday, May 31, 2010

wow... crazy.... insane.... messy.....

I feel like we're about to move out of our house..... everything from our laundry room & pantry are out for all to see.....

see photos....

living room.....

everything pulled from the pantry, dining room, china cabinet and laundry closet into our kitchen....

Empty pantry and laundry......

pant samples.... the left is the sample for the lower part of the dining room, and the other two are for the living room..... we went wit the far right.

Dining Room BEFORE:

Dining Room Primed:

New Gray Paint!!

That's all for now..... pray that we get SOME of the flooring in today.... they started at 730AM.... it's now 2PM and no hardwood is down yet.... :-/

Friday, May 28, 2010


Our house.... is a disaster. I was too ashamed to take a photo of it last night. But- I will, when we return from the beach on Sunday.

I came home from work and our couches were rearranged, my desk had moved from the kitchen to the living room, and the black bookcases were gone, so Jeremy moved the cedar chest to hold the tv for now. We then moved the dining table, chairs and china cabinet into the kitchen. Everything that was in the china cabinet is now ALLOVERMYCOUNTERS....... wow.... what a disaster. I'm really glad the floors are going in... but I am dreading coming home to a disaster of a house on Sunday. I think it was seriously giving me anxiety last night, just looking at the mess. I am not a neat freak by any means- but it was really on my nerves last night. So- I went upstairs and cleaned up our room, and watched tv.... I needed to be in a somewhat clean space.

I'll post flooring updates on Sunday & Monday..... happy Memorial Day weekend! Say a prayer we don't get stuck in Coca-Cola 600 traffic coming home Sunday!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pretty Please.....

Could someone ship me these.... size 7 would be great ;-)

We're headed down to Wilmington tomorrow afternoon and it can't get here fast enough! We have no agenda, but to lay on the beach, eat seafood, and be lazy! We're coming back on Sunday so we can move furniture, and pack up stuff so that Jeremy and his dad can start on the new flooring first thing Monday morning!! We picked out some paint colors for Jeremy to pick up samples of today....

We've decided to put chair rail in our dining area, and paint a dark gray under the rail and white above the rail. We're still struggling on what do do with the wall our new desk is on. I am tempted to paint the shelf gray, instead of trying to paint the wall.

We got our black bookcases sold this morning, so we'll be making a trip to IKEA to purchase our new tv console cabinet... sorry no photo of it on the website :-( It's white with a clear door on each side and open shelving in the middle.

Jeremy also got our tv wall mount yesterday and all the goodies to run the surround sound wire in the walls instead of under the carpet (which will be ripped up Monday!)

That's all for now.... Happy Thursday!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I don't have too much exciting news to share with you all.....

I did finally make it back in the gym last night, still holding steady at 148. I guess that's not too awful considering the amount of crap I've eaten over the last 4 days..... fried fish (twice), fried shrimp, french fries, pizza.... ect.

I'm saying a little prayer that I'll be down another pound by Sunday.... here's hoping!

We ordered some new goodies for the photography business, and they came yesterday! We got a new Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens & some notecards.

Here's a photo of the notecards.... taken with the new lens :-)


Monday, May 24, 2010

Boring Monday.....

Not too much to report today.... I haven't been to the gym, so I don't have a new weigh in for you. Our weekend was terribly hectic, but I am thankful we had some relaxing time on our front porch last night chatting about neighborhood gossip.

Friday, I darted out of my office to head to Greensboro, to the O'Henry Hotel to shoot a quick boudoir. Then home to Davidson, unloaded my memory cards, charged my batteries, and packed up my gear again.... Saturday I headed out the door a few minuets past 10 to Durham for a wedding at First Presbyterian Church and then a reception at the University Club.....

The wedding was AMAZING! Such beautiful venues, and a rockin' fun wedding party! It was by far the best learning experience I've had to date as a photographer. I look forward to learning so much more :-)

I hope to have pics from the boudoir & wedding blogged on our photo blog soon!

Sunday Jeremy and I attended the funeral of my cousin, Adrian. Adrian passed away Monday morning from a long battle with brain cancer. He was engaged, and his fiance spoke at the funeral- I cannot imagine loosing the love of your life so young, and being strong enough to be in a relationship knowing you're going to loose them soon. I truly admire her, and his family. We all know he's in a better place, but he's horribly missed here.


My desk skirt is still unfinished.... I went to two different Michaels looking for more orange ribbon to finish it, but they were both out. And... well, I've been to busy to really think about it! This week will be filled with nights in front of the computer editing.... blah....

Happy Monday!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Our CB2 chair arrived today :-)

It's pretty freaking sweet!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Any opinions on the decor? I'm struggling with the shelf. I pulled the orange vase from our living room and purchased the lamp at TJMaxx tonight. It wasn't the one I went intending to buy.... the one I wanted was a really short orange base and white shade. It would have easily fit under the shelf on the right side of the computer. But this one was cute and only $30 so I thought I'd bring it home and see how it looked.

Any thoughts on all this???

Desk Skirt Updates!

I managed to get us some more super glue to finish attaching the velcro to the bottom of the desk last night. So when I came home from the gym I got to work "hemming" the front panel. I say "hemming" because I marked where I wanted the bottom to be, and sewed the orange ribbon at that point, then just cut the gray sheet off behind the ribbon... so I didn't actually have to hem it!

Here's the progress! I can't wait to get our C2B chair, it shipped and will be arriving soon :-)

The only thing that sucks is I forgot that we need to raise the desk up about another 1/3-1/2 inch so that the new chair will slide under it. oh well.

desk skirt3

and here's ALL that flooring Jeremy got us... enough to cover our WHOLE house :-)


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Someone out there is bound to want these. They are wonderful, sturdy bookcases we bought about 1.5 years ago from They've served as our TV console table that whole time, housing our PS3, DVR, Wii, movies, games, ect. We're doing some furniture shuffling and want them GONE.

$125obo for the pair.

$20 additional for local delivery.

Here's the link to them on

email me at if you're interested!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Desk Skirt Photos!

It's not done yet.... but here's the progress so far.....

desk skirt

I made the front piece a little too long, so it will have to be hemmed. I am going to add a wide piece of orange ribbon to the hem :-)

I learned with this project: sewing velcro sucks. It's easier just to pin it with straight pins to the fabric, and then velcro it to the bottom of the table..... eh... live and learn.


Yesterday: I was able to skip out of my office about 2.5 hours early to finish up some photos for our next issue of Grange News at home. I got home and Jeremy wasn't home  yet. He'd been running some errands. He arrived home about 4 with photos I'd wanted him to develop at Biggs. Last summer I took our rings and took random photos of them.... and well, it's taken this long to get around to developing them. Jeremy had them put on CD too, so I'll upload a few later.

He'd already been to Lumber Liquidators to get our new hardwood flooring. He thought he'd have to make 2 trips, but he managed to get it all in one trip.... and MAN OH MAN was his truck FULL! We got all of it out of the truck and into our dining area... I'll be sure to take a photo of it all stacked up... it's A LOT of flooring!!!

I'm so excited that it's all bought and paid for, and will be in before we all know it! We're planning to have a cookout on the night of June 12, and he's promised that at least the 1st floor will be done by then.... YAY! I'm hoping more will be done, but I'll be happy with what we get.

On another note: Jeremy has a JOB INTERVIEW today!!!! So everyone say a little prayer, sprinkle some job dust, and send some love our way! It's with the DOT in Charlotte.

I'll update later with all these pics :-)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Weigh In.....

So last week was a bit rough staying on track to eat well. I did ok Monday-Friday.... but Mother's Day lunch was baaaad. As was the giant piece of chocolate cake Jeremy and I split in bed on Friday night.... eek! I just knew my weight was not going to have changed at all this week.


I made it down to 148!!!!
And just to be fair.... when I stepped on the scale at the gym... it teetered between 147.8 and 148.... but it stopped at 148.0, so that's what I'll use. So YAY!! Another pound down... 13 more to go :-)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Desk!!!!

I'm currently typing to you from our NEW stainless desk!! YAY!!!!! Here's a few quickies I took yesterday after my meltdown subsided.....

note: I had a meltdown because we bought the bigger of the two tabletops to accommodate the dog crate AND a chair under it...... well... we're still about 5" too short :-( I was realllllly pissed when I realized this. So for the moment, I'll be dragging over one of our kitchen chairs (bar height) until we find a solution.....

well.... opened the blog this morning and lovely Jessica V. had left me this link in the last comment box.....

OMG.... if we buy the shorter one, and raise the desk about 2" it will completely side right under!!!!! Thanks Jess!!!!

Now.... do I made the skirt to hide all the goodies underneath.... or find someone??? Anyone know anyone???

Friday, May 14, 2010

New Desk!

We bought the new Ikea desk last night!!!!! YAY!!!! I was so thrilled to get home and start setting it up and shuffle furniture around!

Too bad we got home and had bought the WRONG EFFING LEGS!!!! I was so mad. Jeremy was taking the wrong ones back today and getting the new ones. Hopefully, buy the time I get home he'll have it together.

Will take pictures, don't worry!

Now, to go with it, we want a barstool to sit on and work at the computer.... here's what we like so far....

$109 Ikea

They have one at Crate & Barrel that I really love... it comes in gray leather.... but... it's $319 ouchie.....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Furniture Shuffle....

It's no secret we have a house full of missmatch pieces of furniture. In an effort to remedy this situation, without having to spend too much money here's what we've come up with.....

We currently have this dresser in our room:

Which matches nothing in our room.... my theory is to paint it white, and put cute hardware on it- and ditch the mirror... or at least put it in the attic.... this will be come our future baby's dresser/changing table and will have a new home in our *now* office.

Now... what to do with all the office furniture? The big computer cabinet will most likely make it's way into our bedroom and now serve as the dresser. We'll put some pretty baskets in it to hold all of Jeremy's goods.

*No pic of the cabinet.... it's usually a disaster, and never in photo taking form*

Not too sure about our bookcase.... Jeremy has a good amount of books... so we'll have to find a solution to this.

Now here's the fun part. This desk that's in our kitchen (housing our kitchenaid mixer, cooking utensils, dish rags, ect. will have to find a new home.... and sadly, it may be the attic.... or possibly our room.... since the lovely cradle that's in our room will be going to live with Sabrina for when baby Kendall is sleeping in their bedroom.

So... why are we finding a new home for the desk? Well.... because we're getting.... another desk. Yeah, I know, because we need it.... ha! Here's the catch to ALL of this.... We have a dog crate... that is the bane of my existance. I HATE HATE HATE that it sits out in our kitchen.... an eyesore for all to see, and trip over. The originial reason for bringinig the desk downstaris was because we thought we could put the crate under it and I could sew a nice little skirt for the desk, thus hinding said dog crate..... didn't work out as planed. The crate was too wide and tall to fit under it. So.... I *think* we're getting this from Ikea, with the adjustable legs! This way we can have it the same height as our counters, and the crate will just perfectly fit under it! And... it's stainless steel- so theoretically it should somewhat match our kitchen.... (sink & fridge are stainless)
(Pre moving the desk in)

Desk is moved in... but crate doesn't fit under it, so the crate is next to it (out sight in photo)

Here's the new desk top from Ikea! That will hold our pretty Apple computer :-)
and hide the crate! Now I just need a super awesome bar stool to sit on there!! And... I can be downstairs with Jeremy watching tv :-)

This will mean we are moving the computer downstairs into plain view.... a cardinal sin to my mother. Electronics are not pieces of furniture, so they should be hidden. I do feel the same way, promise. BUT when you come home from spending 9 hours in a windowless office on a computer (me, now) the last thing I want to do is spend another 2-6 hours in our dungon of an office.... even though it has a window, it's completely seperated from Jeremy, who's downstairs watching tv/cooking dinner/ playing with doggies/ ect. and I feel like I never see him! Not to mention there's no tv in our office.... so it's lonely and I miss all the good tv :-(

And... we're finally going through on putting in our hardwood floors... YAY! and when that's done, I AM redecorating our downstairs.... new paint, new pillows, new curtains... all gray & orange! So maybe the stainless desk will coordinate :-)

That was a lot.... hope it all made sense!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday Weigh In.... a day late! OOPS!

I didn't make it to the gym on Sunday to do my weekly weigh in because I was feeling poopy... but I went yesterday!

And... drumroll please..........

I'm down 2lbs for the week!!!!!!! YAY!!!!

New Weight: 149!

We Took Pictures with Her

Managed to get the photos off the camera last night.... YAY!

First.... She spoke... and sang :-)


Then we waited..... and then it was OUR turn!
Melanie getting her book signed!
mel and ree2

mel and ree

Me and Ree... we're best buds, didn't I tell you?
me and ree

Oh yeah.... and she liked my shirt!!!! YAY!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

We Met Her....


Melanie and I got to meet The Pioneer Woman on Friday night.... SQUEEE!!! We took pictures with her, but because I've spent the last 18 hours trying to sleep off this yuckyness going on in my head, I have yet to plug in my camera and get them off.... but here's the one Ree snaped from HER iPhone of the crowd... We're in it... can you find us???

No? Ok... we'll I circled us :-)

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I was making my usual blog rounds this morning... Coco & Kelly had this designer featured :-)


How adorable is this mom & daughter in their matching dresses! I so pray I have a little girl so we can dress alike :-)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Morning....

Today... I'm sacrifcing 7 weight watchers points to have an iced mocha from McDonalds! And.... it's SO worth it!!!! This rainy Monday morning.... I needed some caffine, whole milk, and chocolate :-)

On another note... I did my weigh in yesterday.... 151 lbs....

I can't say if I lost any weight.... because I never did my initial weigh in before my first week. I honestly think I have lost about 2 pounds. When I went to the doctor a few weeks ago for my allergies, I *think* the scale read something like 153ish.... but I don't really remember... so we'll see what happens after this week, if I am on track to be down 15 pounds in 11 more weeks :-)

I can report I am feeling better, and really analyzing everything I eat. I like that with WW I don't have to deprive myself of anything, but rather eat it in moderation (which I suppose you should do anyway). I need to prioritize my gym time... and make sure I have time for that. I shot a big project on Saturday so I spent lots of time last week working on that, and only made it to the gym 3 times last week. I hope to make it at least 4 times each week.

Have a happy Monday!