Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chugging Along.....

As we prepare to depart on vacation in 2 days.... LOTS must get accomplised. While not too much is going on with the day job, things are hot and heavy with the photo work.

Have you checked out the photo blog this week? The sneak peek of our first 2 weddings are up :-)

I'm desperately trying to get as much editing done as possible so I don't have to 1. think about it while on vacation and 2. so I don't have so much to do when we get home! We've got 3 shoots the weekend following our return home, and I don't want to still be editing weddings if at all possible. Don't know if that's reality, but let's hope so!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


EEEEKKKK!!!! only a few more days and we'll be here!

We've been SO busy the last month or so, we can't wait to get away for a little while. Unfortunately life doesn't slow down when we return, but that's ok! Hopefully, this relaxation will help us make it to the holidays!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


With all the interior design bloggers chatter about the taping of the Nate Berkus show this week..... I hoped over to HSN to see what all the fuss over him is about.... (don't get me wrong, I've seen his work- great, but never his line on HSN)

OMG.... I SO WANT THIS!!!!!!!!

It's exactly what I want up under our dining table at the beach house.... settee on one side, chairs on the other, and at each end! The price is great too :-)

It comes in so many wonderful colors, but I love this gray velvet :-)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Taking It Easy....

While I've been crossing lots off my to-do list in the office today, I have found a few free moments to regain some sanity and blog hop :-)

This photo.... is exactly how I am picturing our master bedroom at the beach house. The size, the french doors, the vaulted ceiling...... everything :-)

Via Inspiration for Decoration

I'm Surviving!

Life is in full speed....

This past weekend was our annual meeting at work, and this was my first year being in charge. Whew.... talk about stressful..... I only ended up in tears once, thankfully... and all the "issues" that arose got solved quickly. The hotel staff was wonderful, and helped me so much.

Now.... I am back in my office (taking it easy today)..... and trying to knock out some small things on my to-do list.

Unfortunatly, life isn't slowing down anytime soon..... this Thursday we're leaving for Wilmington to shoot a wedding on Friday, we'll pack up and leave on Friday night after the wedding and drive to New Bern to stay the night... then get up on Saturday morning and head to Manteo for wedding #2.... stay in Kitty Hawk on Saturday night (ocean front, yay!) then head home on  Sunday.

Then I have 4 days to get a serious amount of editing done, before we board a plane on Friday for MIAMI! We'll be on our anniversary trip for a week. We fly back in the next Friday, drive straight to Emerald Isle for our friend's wedding on Saturday. Then we'll be back home finally that Sunday night.

We're SO ready for vacation.... but the month of October doesn't slow down when we return.... 4 more shoots are scheduled for the rest of the month- including another wedding!

Say a prayer for us.... we're gonna need it!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Almost Done!

Jeremy & his dad got the flooring down in our bedroom yesterday! We put the new rug down, and our bed back together last night (although, we couldn't push the bed to the wall yet). They have to put down the quarter round this morning, then the room will be finished!

The doggies LOVED the new rug I bought 2 weeks ago :-)

Who needs an SUV to haul things? Not this girl! ..... from when I bought the 8x10 rug from the TJMaxx over at Concord Mills a few weeks ago.

Here are the doggies loving the new rug last night :-)   sorry for the poor photo :-(