Thursday, March 31, 2011


This week has been a little crazy.... work, editing, meetings, workouts.... thankfully, we're heading off to our beach lot for some camping tomorrow :-) I can't wait to relax & not look at a computer for a couple of days!

So... I'm dreaming of this....

I love the sunny yellow.... it screams "beach house" to me.

I also am loving this... (of course I want open shelving, instead of upper cabinets)

Southern Living
Southern Living
Bench seating? <3

Pheobe Howard

PS: Still on the hunt for the perfect settee for our dining table....

Friday, March 25, 2011

So Cute.

Love this! It will be in my nursery when we have a wee one...... in navy :-)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another Neutral....

I'm slowly transitioning my wardrobe to spring :-)  (too bad tomorrow & Friday's highs are only in the 60's!)

So, I'm soaking up the 83 today!!

I broke out one of the tops I bought this weekend.... I'd already been to the fitting room & chosen a top (that I lusted over back in December!!!... marked down to $15!) and a little vest thingy.... kinda flowy... anyway.... I was headed over to the Homegoods side of the store when I spotted this top in the Jr. section. I normally avoid the Jr. section at all costs now. Clothes tend to be made poorly, and run way too small. But this shirt didn't seem to fit either of those items. Cute, normal sized and made decent!

I grabbed it, and took it home.... without trying it on! Grabbed it in a hurry this morning with my $4 Target jeans. Overall... I LOVE the shirt, but because of the pleated thing in the front, it weights it down, exposing the underside/lining. At least the lining is the same color.

You know you love my sexy photos in the heinous office mirror :-)

The shirt looks white in the photo, but it's really a nice pale oatmeal/tan color.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Neutrals.

Most of you already know I have an affinity for all things gray. It only got worse this weekend.

My BFF Karen was in town and we hit up my favorite Marshalls in the Charlotte area... Cotswold. It's big, a little junky, always busy... but has lots of random Gucci, Hugo Boss, ect.

I came out with 2 new outfits....

Gray linen top ($14.99) & white jeans ($24.99)
Gray Nine West pants ($24.99) and white Cynthia Rowley linen top ($14.99)

I wore one of them today :-) (with my navy blue J Crew cardigan & gray navy kitten heels)

excuse the fact I took these photos in my office hallway in very ugly mirrors.

side braided hair = Jessica got up late & didn't have time to do anything better....

Homegoods Goodies

I needed a little me time yesterday.... so I headed over to our Marshalls/Homegoods in Huntersville.

I bought 3 shirts, which I'll post about later.... but I always love looking through their random furniture pieces!

Beautiful, wingback recliner.... I think it was $229?

killer dresser! $299 would be great in an entry.... and I loved these lamps... but they wouldn't go with anything I own

Friday, March 18, 2011

Come, See!

So, my wide angle lens came back from the Nikon repair on Wednesday! Yay! I finally got to take half way decent photos of our house :-)

So.... you know you want to come down, see the house & make an offer on it!!!


1281 Square Feet
Open living space
3 bedrooms
2.5 baths
Neutral paint
Brand new flooring throughout (tile in both full baths)
Full pantry with new shelving
Outdoor storage room
Rocking chair front porch
Back patio

NOTE: The stainless steel fridge stays with the house, as do the surround sound speakers & BOTH flat screen TV's!!!!!


Living Room

Living Room



Dining (1/2 bath & laundry in door on the left!)

Dining (1/2 bath & laundry in door on the left!)


Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom
Master Bath
3rd (middle) bedroom

2nd (back) bedroom

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Impulse Purchases.

I was perusing Ruffled Blog today.... and saw these shoes.... 

I had to have them! Got the last pair in my size too :-)

I also bought this dress.... adorable!?!  
Got the last one!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I discovered that Tuesday Morning has an online store this morning...... bah.... and it's Tuesday morning... lol....

They have some pretty things at some great prices! Not as much fun as rumbling through the always messy stores.... but still good stuff... like these rugs!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good Sunny Afternoon

.... from Carolina Beach!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Whew... twice?

2 posts a day for 2 days.... wow.

I was perusing Apartment Therapy and came across this post.

Well, lookie there.... wall mounted night stands. That's familiar!

D Day.

Or more L day? List day?

Tonight's the night. We're listing our home for sale. Scary. I'll be photographing our house in the morning for the listing since Jeremy is fixing all the little details today (crown molding, hanging a mirror, finishing touch up paint).

I'll share the photos with you soon :-)

I also got an email from Cindy @ the town yesterday. She is the affordable housing coordinator there. She let me know she had a couple interested in living in our neighborhood & wanted to know if we were still going to be listing our home. YES! I told her..... so who knows- we may already have a buyer! (not holding my breath though)

So, cross your fingers, say a prayer....  this is going to get interesting.

On a lighter note.... I'm headed to Carolina Beach tomorrow for work :-) I'm taking a few small items to put in our storage building (chair, fire pit, & cooler). I'll also get to inspect the grass growth situation... eek! Jeremy & I decided to go camping down there in a few weeks, so he'll need to make an interim trip down to mow the grass... hope it hasn't gotten wild!

.... still haven't heard back from settee lady.....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Solid or Pattern?

Whoa.... 2 posts in one day. Stand back.

So, I still have not heard back from the settee person. Humph.

But.... that doesn't stop me from daydreaming of how to recover it. I had originally thought of this fabric for the chairs....

 (I also love this one!)

but if I do a patterned print on the settee, then that just seems like too much.

So what do you think??

Pattern on the chairs, solid on the settee or solid on the chairs, pattern on the settee?

I think I'm leaning towards pattern on the settee.... that is, if I ever find one!

LOVELOVELOVE this Chevron pattern!!!!

Cheap Find!

Jeremy & I made a stop at Target on Sunday night to grab some new rugs for our front & back doors..... and of course I needed to browse the 75% off clothing....

found a pair of jeggings/skinny jeans for $4.98!!!

Rocking them today :-)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Found this on craigslist today....

I've emailed them to see if it's still available. The arms look a little high, so I'd need to measure them.

$80. Steal. :-)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Updates

I came home last week to find Jeremy had done 99% of the painting that needed to be done! He's painted the guest bath the same tan as our bedroom- it's nice & still looks good with the shower curtain & towels that are already there. He painted the lower half of our stairs & hall- ie: covering the scuff marks from the dogs. He also did some touch up painting in the kitchen & dining area. The house is looking a 100% better.... thus making us even more sad to sell.

Jeremy's parents came down yesterday to take another truck load of stuff to his brothers house for storage. This means everything that is out of the house, is staying out. We've just got a few minor things left, like a few paint spots to touch up, and putting away lots of things that are out- mainly the tools, ect. that have been being used to fix things.

We're ready to move on- bring on the offers!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Time Out

Ok....  after I had a good cry yesterday.... ok maybe several.... I need to snap out of it! After all, it is FRIDAY, the sun is shining, and well, life is peachy in general.

I decided I wasn't so sad about leaving our home, but more unsettled about the future. Jeremy doesn't have a job & what if we buy something, and he gets a job offer hours away.... then we get to sell and move all over again. So we've decided to take this step by step.... #1. sell house. That's where we are.... maybe in this process we'll figure out where we'll be next.

(not to mention everyhousewelovegoesundercontract BLAH!)

Anywho.... it's Friday & I need something cheerful to look at.... like this blouse....

Eden Blake

Too bad it's freaking $335

...... I'll need more orange in my life now that the orange bathroom in our house is no longer orange..... but tan.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today I am sitting in the peace & quiet of my day job office. I am trying to keep myself busy... currently addressing & stuffing envelopes by hand.

Yesterday was strange. It finally started to hit us, we're going to try & sell our home. Our home that we first lived together in, our home we hunted days & nights for, our home that we opened our wedding gifts on the floor in, our home where I started my business, our home where so many memories have been made. I'm starting to cry as I write this.

We've begun moving furniture, we'll be painting walls & doing touch ups throughout the next week. Our home officially goes live on the market next weekend.

A huge part of me is not ready to leave this space behind, but a bigger part of me knows it's time to move on.... quite figuratively & literally.

We're scared. It will take selling our home to purchase a new one, too much money is tied up in this home. We don't have to sell, so if we don't get the right offer, we don't have to take it.... I guess that makes it easier in some way.

So here's the specs for anyone interested:

1281 square feet
3 bedrooms
2.5 bathrooms

In Summers Walk neighborhood- HOA of only $75 a year provides access to olympic size pool & kiddie pool, playground, dog park, & walking trails. 

Because it's in the "affordable housing" program, if it's bought within the first 60 days it must be bought by a "qualified buyer" (find out more about that here) . After that 60 days it's opened to anyone.

Price: $148,850

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


With spring arriving little by little we've made the decision to list our home for sale. Last night was a furry of shifting furniture around, getting things ready to send of to Jeremy's parents for storage, and making our home look the best it can.

Some things we need to do ASAP:

1. Paint the orange bathroom a neutral color (we're thinking the nice tan in our bedroom)
2. Paint the stairwell/hall area.... it's gotten really scuffed over the last 2.5 years
3. Finish the stairs (I think there's 4 left.... and Jeremy's working on them today)
4. Finish up the crown molding downstairs
5. Organize & put things away
6. CLEAN. Our house is fairly clean, but it needs a good scrubbing.

We hope these things will only take about a week, and we'll be up for sale!

We found this home online a few days ago, and I rode by it yesterday (before the torrential downpour started).... love it, love the neighborhood, love the lot, loveitloveitloveit. Unfortunately someone was there when I pulled up.... so I couldn't get out and peek around. Someone started a renovation on it, but left it... the kitchen is gutted, but the rest looks like it's in good shape. We hope to go see it tomorrow night!

so cross your fingers we can get our home sold quickly..... anyone interested????