Monday, June 7, 2010

Nearing Completion

We were so glad to have a some-what low key weekend after all the weeks madness!

We started by making a quick trip down to the outlets in Gaffney, SC.... specifically the Pottery Barn Outlet.

I saw this post, and it reminded me that the outlet has rugs.... some at great deals! So... off we went!

We got down there about 330 on Friday and hit the rug section... They had several that we liked (one that was jute that I loved, but it was oval, and we needed one rectangle and one square)... but ultimately the only one we thought would work well with our living room is the same one that Young House Love bought!! AND..... they raved over getting it for $129 (outlet price... down from $429 at the retail store) well.... this weekend was 40% off all rugs! We snagged it for $77!!!  We never did find anything for our dining room. So that hunt continues....

Here's the living room to date. We got the curtains hung, walls touched up, and NEW console table put together (another story)


After we got back to Charlotte from Gaffney, we ate dinner and then made a trip to Ikea to get our new console table and some curtains. We got the curtains, and went to get the boxes for our console table.... and dun dun dun..... they won't fit in the Honda :-( I was really bummed, but got over it. We headed back the next morning in the truck and got it. didn't have it listed on their site....  but their was a photo of it in one of their rooms online....

Yesterday was a little more relaxed. We did a little cleaning and I finally got the top half of the dining room walls painted. We went to Lowes, Target, and Hancock Fabrics... We also got all the supplies to make our cornice boxes for the living room and picked out crown molding & chair rail. We got the cornice boxes all assembled and one covered. They'll get hung today!

While we were out, we also picked up a decorator remnant from Hancock Fabrics to recover the bench (bender is laying on in the photo above). It's really awesome, and soft! (and the rips are covered up!)

While we were at Ikea on Saturday morning... we walked by the pillows and I realized they sell pillow covers... so I picked up 2 gray square ones for our sofa and bench! I dropped them off at the monogram shop that afternoon. They're going to have a simple, ivory "H" on them... can't wait to pick them tomorrow!

Today... Jeremy is heading to Lowes to pick up all the crown molding and chair rail, and hopefully hanging it all today! He's also hoping to get all the door molding installed.

Now..... to decide what's going to be hung above the sofa????


  1. My ideas for sofa art....

    -Stretch a graphic orange & gray fabric over a wooden frame. Do 2 large square panels.
    -Paint your own version of this:
    -Get these: Or get them from me at cost :) We have 4 correlating prints of these birds.
    -Do a really cool wall decal, like a big chandelier:

  2. I love the painted canvas!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!