Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Done.

We are officially under contract on the beach lot!!!!!!!!!!! We got them to come off their price a little more, and we are so excited!!! We made the decision to offer our cash and then do an owner financing option with the sellers. They are letting us do it at zero interest!!!!! That was the part I couldn't believe they accepted! So come January 1st 2011, we will be all paid up, and the lot completely ours! (We are scheduled to close on August 6th)

We know that money will be insanely tight until then, but it's going to be so worth it!

We talked about a timeline to build on our way home last night... I like to have a goal/direction to work towards. We decided that *IF* Jeremy can get an engineering job soon, we'll start living off his income alone, and just sock away everything I make into savings. That would mean in 2-2.5 years we'd have a very hefty down-payment on a construction loan. So maybe the summer of 2013, we'll be spending vacations in our beach home :-) I would have never imagined that before I turn 30 I might own a vacation home, within walking distance to the beach!

He is in the process of looking for part time work right now- with the way our screwed up government has unemployment set up, he can only make an additional $100 a week- after that they deduct the amount over that from your unemployment check (this does not encourage people to look for work!)

I am now in the process of looking for a part time job to supplement my income. I hate the thought of getting another job, but it will mean we can actually go out to eat on occasion, it's worth it! We sat down and came up with a pretty strict budget to be able to afford our 4.5 months of payments on our lot after we close... it's going to be rough- but we'll get through it!

Here's the timeline: (and yes, it's kinda scary to look ahead like this!!!)

Buy Beach Lot (now)
Jeremy gets a job (now)
Try for baby next summer (deliver maybe Winter/Spring 2012)
Buy Jeremy a new car (I get the Honda, and the Bug becomes a weekend car)
Start Construction on the beach house at the end of 2012/beginning 2013
Beach house done by summer/fall 2013
Try for baby #2  in 2016
Upgrade our home in 2017

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  1. That is so great, Jessica!
    Congrats. I love that you have everything planned out, very smart.