Monday, April 25, 2011

Exciting News....

So this isn't final yet, no contracts signed or anything BUT.... I am excited to share.... I am 99% sure I am going to be renting an office in downtown Davidson!!!!!

Nope... not leaving the day job yet. But I think this is a step in the right direction :-) I am really tired of dragging my albums, prints & canvas to every Starbucks in Charlotte to meet with clients. This way everything is in a central space.

Here are photos of the space I looked at last week. The owner is going to remodel the floor of this building with input from the tenant! I want the space that's already enclosed with the windows..... I'd LOVE to have hardwood floors & exposed brick too :-)

The red circle, circles the windows that I want to have, and the ones you see in the interior photo.
The arrow points to where my sign could hang.
The X is the door to the unit.

Now, on to the furnishings......

The Clark Sofa from West Elm (not sure if I like Chocolate or the Tan better)

Two Becca armless chairs from (LOVE the nailhead trim!)

I plan to use the wood desk I already own & paint it a glossy white.



Over the last week, there have been a high & low of emotions about our home.

To sell. Not to sell.
To buy a condo in uptown.
To buy a townhouse in Davidson
To take our home off the market & stay.
To buy a home in Davidson & spend more than we want to.

So frustrating to not know what you want.

I am beginning to feel like a Davidson snob. I don't want to give up my Davidson address. Great schools, friendly people, and I may be opening my own office in downtown. EEK!

Jeremy & I have always talked about living in a big city & having the urban lifestyle where you walk everywhere. I fear if we don't do it now, we never will. He works in uptown now & could walk to work.... avoiding about $200 in gas each month & $135 parking pass.

But choosing to living in a condo or townhouse means that we're putting an extra step in "the plan". The plan of moving into our dream house, where our kids can go to school in a great area & a yard for them to play in.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Greek Yogurt. Another One.

Ran into Food Lion near our house for an avocado. Yes, one lonely avocado. I decided to grab some milk while I was in there, and passed the yogurt section on my way to the milk. They had the Dannon greek yogurt, and it was on sale for $1 each. So, I grabbed a vanilla flavored one.

I brought it in to work with me for breakfast this morning.

It was really good!! Super creamy. I added some Bear Naked maple pecan granola & 1/2 a banana to mine :-)

Dannon 0%: (150g)

Calories: 110
Sugars: 16g
Fat: 0
Protein: 12g
Calcium: 15%

Friday, April 15, 2011

Greek Yogurt.

As you may recall, I tried Chobani a while back. Hated it. Tasted like chalk milked with milk. Bleh.

But.... with this "change your lifestyle, change your eating habits" I'm currently enduring.... the trainer says eat high protein.... which Greek yogurt is.....

She likes FAGE. So I bought a tub of 0% and had at it. Not bad, kinda like it.... really good with honey mixed in.

Then while I was in Charleston last weekend, I needed to grab something healthy for breakfast.... the only Greek yogurt Target had was the FAGE 2% with honey.... so I caved, and got it.... holy hell.... so much tastier than the 0%. I knew I was going to wreck my good 0% habit if I ever tasted the 2%.... ugh.

 Well, I like to coupon.... I have found coupons for Athenos Greek Yogurt, Yoplait, and Okieos. I just hip up the Food Lion across from my office for a quick, cheap lunch and thought I'd try and use some coupons. I had the Okieos & Yoplait with me. FL didn't have Okieos, but they did have the Yoplait.... so I'm testing out their honey 0%

Taste Test Result: YUM!!!!!

Here's the nutrition breakdown for all 3 above:

Calories 100
Fat 0
Sugars 7g
Protein 18g
Calcium 20%

FAGE 2% with honey
Calories 170
Fat 0
Sugars 29g
Protien 13g
Calcium 15%

Yoplait 0% with honey
Calories 150
Fat 0
Protien 14g
Calcium 40%

So, of course all things considered the FAGE 0% is the healthiest......

Thursday, April 14, 2011


House of Turquoise

I'd really love an office with a place to nap :-)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My hubby has a job!

Thank you to the lovely people over at ColeJenest & Stone for thinking he was a "perfect fit" there! He starts tomorrow at 9AM.


... maybe we will have a beach house sooner than later :-)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Catch Up?o

So.... there's a little thing that has been going on that I haven't informed the blogosphere about yet.....

No.... I'm not pregnant.

Remember last year when I joined Weight Watchers? Yeah, well, I'm back on the healthy train. I had an offer I couldn't turn down.... trade a shoot for some personal training.... hells yeah! I've had 4 workouts with my trainer and whew, she rocks! She keeps our workouts entertaining & intense. I always leave her feeling like I've really worked out... unlike those times I would drag myself to the gym, spend 30 mins on the elliptical or treadmill and leave.

She's also been amazing at helping me find better things to eat. She's taught me about protein & how it effects your body (causes you to burn more calories while at rest). I've been eating eggs, Greek yogurt (Fage 0%), south beach granola bars & nuts just about every day. I've also been trying to drink more water & less of the other junk.

Yesterday was the first time I'd had Starbucks in 2.5 weeks!!!!! ( I did have Port City while at the beach... but that was vacation & didn't count.... right?).

She wants me to work out 6 days a week..... while that isn't always happening, I am working out much more than before.

Snacks at work.....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Great Weekend.

This weekend we decided to get some R&R at our beach lot down at Carolina Beach. It didn't start out well, but we had a good time.

We arrived about 7PM and started setting up our camp site. Tent up, fire pit out. I took off to the grocery to buy beer, water & ice. I came back & still no fire was going.... Jeremy was having a rough time. And... when I pulled up the dogs went nuts (they were tethered) and pulled our tailgate tent over... bending 2 of the 4 legs.... ruined it. We hope that the manufacturer will sell us 2 legs so we can just replace them without buying a whole new tent.

oh yeah... and it was 40 degrees. I crawled in the tent with the doggies & snuggled down in the covers. None of us got too much sleep thanks to the cold weather. I really thought my feet never would warm up. Camping = 1, J&J = 0

Saturday was great. We woke up, got Port City (which, ahem was the FIRST time I've had Starbucks/Port City in TWO weeks!) and then headed off to the beach. We took the pups for a nice long 1.5 hour long walk at Ft. Fisher. Then it was lunch time! Swung by the campsite where our cooler was & made sandwiches to take to the dog park. The next 1.5 hours were spent at the Carolina Beach dog park.... so fun! Lots of doggies there to play with.... including 2 other puggles! We spent the rest of our afternoon hanging out at the campsite & then we took a walk around our block to see all the houses. There's a brand new house we really like, and we scoped it out.  Shoulda taken a photo of it.

Then we'd had enough of being nasty.... Karen & Paul invited us over for hot showers, pizza & final four basketball.... awesome way to end our weekend :-) We ended up sleeping on their couches, Jeremy wasn't feeling great, and it was chilly. Packed up & made it home by 3 yesterday.

We showered, and relaxed for a bit. Then I decided to make a trip to TJ Maxx & Marshalls. It was a quick trip, and I wasn't looking for anything in particular... but came home with lots of goodies!

2 Dresses, 2 Pairs of shoes, 2 Jackets & a purse! I also got Jeremy a pair of Lucky jeans & Izod seersucker shorts. 

The 2 dresses are the same, one greenish/yellow & the other black. They were just good cotton dresses & I couldn't decide which I liked better. At only $20 each, it was easy to bring them both home (brown belt I already had)

Shoes: I've needed some neutral sandals for a while. I love my rainbows, but aren't good for dressier stuff. These are comfy & stylish :-) $34.
The black ones are great! They're super cute with a low heel. $20 on clearance.

2 Jackets: The leopard print one was just too cute to leave in the store... I need a tan shell to wear under it though..... $20! (it's fully lined). Black one.... I picked it up.... it was a small.... I thought likely won't fit, but I'll try it. Thew it on.... it fit! It's a little snug through the shoulders, but I am losing weight! Should fit even better soon! $20, also fully lined.  The leopard print one is a small too :-)

I splurged on the purse... it's a tan clutch by HOBO. I'll take a photo of it later.

Happy Monday!