Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello Monday.

How was your weekend? Mine was awesome.

With the crazy, irregular snow that's been dumped on us.... the 60-70 degree temps were just intoxicating :-) You never know how badly you crave warm weather until you own a convertible. In the summer, it needs to be between 75-82 degrees for the top on my car to be down. With black leather seats, you roast very quickly in the summer, and anything below 75 you're "freezing"..... unless it's January.

Yesterday my car read 72.... and you better believe I put the top down, and went for a Sunday drive. I had a client meeting down near Southpark... so I took the long way home 1. to avoid the highway wind and 2. to enjoy the time in the car. I wound my way up Park Rd, through uptown, to Plaza Midwood and over to NoDa before heading home. It was glorious.

I got home and Jeremy & I decided to enjoy that new patio furniture we got last fall, drank strawberry daiquiri's and played cards. We ended the night with bratwursts, & baked beans. It was perfect.

Hope you're weekend was amazing :-)

..... oh.... and Saturday we had this adorable shoot in Winston!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Jeremy just text me.

"What do you think about Nashville?"

"I could do it"

"I have an interview on Wednesday!!!"

"What !?!?!??!!??!"

"In Nashville?"



"Correction, interview is now on Friday"

....................... holy ish.... we could be moving to Nashville.

Friday, January 21, 2011

J Crew Love

So, as you know I am a total J Crew whore. I visit their Asheville location pretty often, and have a hard time buying their stuff online or in store. I always feel like I'm cheating on Asheville, and that everything I buy retail, will show up there eventually. So I avoid the store & online shopping. Not today!!

I got wind that all their clearance was an additional 40% off.... so off to I went.

Here's what I scored:
(one shoulder gray dress, violet cardigan, 3 polos for Jeremy & 3 tshirts for Jeremy)

Then I realized the Factory store's clearance was ALSO 40% off clearance.... so now I'm trying to add these things to my order (if I order them separate then I have to pay for shipping) (gray shorts & 3 more tshirts for Jeremy.... he's been asking for new tshirts & polos)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I went out to get our mail last night, and in the midst of the stacks of junk mail was a Boden catalog... This is the 2nd one I've received. Do you get Boden? Well, I could own just about every piece of clothing in it. It's kinda like some J Crew hottie hooked up with Lilly Pulitzer and Boden is their child.

I love it, I love the colors, the styles, the shapes. But not the prices. Holy hell.... why are cotton tunics $98.... who do you think you are? Banana? Wrong. Although I suppose if it's the offspring of Lilly & JCrew, I ought to just be thrilled they come in under $100. (but I'm not... heeelllllooo recession? Who am I kidding, I don't have this kind of money when times are good!)

Anyway... this led me to their website last night where I discovered their "clearance" section. I use that word loosely.... most items were still over $50. However.... there it was.... an effing gray, velvet blazer.

You know my trials & tribulations of trying to find one... and returning every. single. one.

I think I might just have to buy this one. (and then probably hate it & return it, since that seems to be the cycle, here)

What are your thoughts on Boden?

........... on 2nd thought, forget it.... when I went to pull the image to blog it, the gray is now sold out! Story of my life.... (yeah, you know that cute Jonathan Adler elephant ornament I wanted.... it went on sale, I put it in my "cart" and the next day I went to buy it.... sold out.... along with the hippo ornament I wanted too.... ugh!)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Crossing our Fingers.

Jeremy always lets me know of the jobs he's applying for.... and last week he got a little excited about an opening at a Charlotte company. He applied. Then he realized he knew someone at the company (Mulkey), a girl he graduated from NC State with. He contacted her.... she contacted the person hiring for the job & someone in HR....

This is by far the most positive job outlook Jeremy has had.

So, cross your fingers for us!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Um yes. It is STILL SNOWING!!! This is probably the best snow I've seen in NC since the 6th grade when I was out of school for a week.... We just went out and played with the pups for a while... and took photos of course..... but check out these photos.... they should keep you toasty!

Happy Snow Day! I'm off to make some hot chocolate!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Remember When.....

I wrote this blog? 

I've written about being a bride again.... but this time giving my advice on where to start your planning.... just my opinions... but thought I'd share :-)

Check it out here!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not A Hoarder....

You know that show, Hoarders? I don't want to be that person. My inlaws are slowly becoming those people.... esp. Jeremy's Dad.

One of my goals in the next few months is to seriously purge things we don't need. I am not a sappy sentimental person- but it can be rough getting rid of stuff.

I've started purging my closet about every 6 months. Let's face it, I'm a clothes whore. I like them, I like to buy them. And I like to dream about the day my size 6 jeans will fit again. But lets just be real.... even when I get down to a size 6 again (ahem... this summer, hopefully!) I will want new jeans. The old ones will likely never get worn anyway.... so let them go.....

Since I've joined the Jr. League this year, we have to make donations to the Wearhouse in Plaza Midwood.... lucky for me, I've got oodles of stuff I am sending their way for consignment! I've got a JCrew dress I bought at the warehouse sale that's never been worn (because it's about 2 sizes too big), a polo shirt, and a sweater... I also plan to put my Juicy Couture gold pumps in there.... if I can find them. I seemed to have misplaced a pair of $200 shoes.... that have NEVER been worn.... ugh..... I think I have some pink J Crew pumps too that still have the tags.... ( I like to buy pretty things... but I live in flats & jeans)

Our home has very little storage space... and our 3rd bedroom looks like a storage unit now since we rented out our spare bedroom. We have a tiny attic, which is stuffed to the brim with crap like... a crib, a high chair, Jeremy's old concert posters, Christmas decor, stuff from our wedding that I haven't sold. ugh....

I keep telling myself that one day we'll have a bigger home, and we'll have a place for all this stuff.... tell me I'm not crazy!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hmmm... Wow

It's 2011.

Holy Moly

..... and I haven't blogged in like 2 weeks. Yikes.

I am here, and things have been B.U.S.Y. busybusybusybusy!

Well, there was Christmas eve, Christmas, Traveling, Snow, A new roommate, New Years, A Wedding, and now back to work.


Because I don't want to write oodles of posts on all these different events, I'll abreviate here.

We traveled to Durham/Hurdle Mills on Christmas eve, and had planned to come home the Sunday after Christmas, but with the looming snow storm heading to the Carolinas, we decided to book it on home after Christmas dinner & gifts with the Horton Family.

Caroline got a new toothbrush, and she was WAY too excited about it!

See More Photos Here.

We really couldn't afford to get stuck in Durham since our new roomie, Marissa was moving in on Monday! That's right folks, we rented our room!!!! She's a Michigan grad, and got a job right after graduation in Mooresville. So far things are great with her.... and Gus loves her!

Then it was New Years, we spent the evening with Jay, Kristi, Ryan, Katherine, Jennifer & Susan..... Dinner at Dandelion Market, then we headed off to the Epicenter in Uptown. Mistake. I was only hiking around uptown in 4" heels only to get to the bar & find out they weren't allowing people with jeans on inside. Dumb. We then decided grabbing a few bottles of Harris Teeter champaign and heading back to Jay & Kristi's was the best idea. I promptly aborted my high heels for the flats I threw in my purse.

The ladies in front of the fire

Finally, New Years day we trekked to South Boston, Virginia for Chuck & Jenna's wedding day. They got married at the Berry Hill Estate.... OMG.... BEAUTIFUL doesn't even begin to describe that place. I must do a shoot there.... you know you want to get married there, have bridals done there.... ect.ect.ect.

See More New Years photos here....

So after having almost 2 weeks off from work (worked last Monday morning & last Wednesday night)... I'm back on the grind.

We are trying our best to have a positive outlook on 2011. I am open to whatever comes our way, be it moving, new jobs, new adventures. We're excited :-)