Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bench Seating.

Remember how much I love a bench at a dining table....


Well..... I went to a little store in Cornelius to see a wingback settee I'd seen online. It was sold.... BUT.... they had this little cutie! It was 50% off and then the owner took another $25 off :-)

$100 was too perfect a price. I measured it. 54".... perfect!!! It had to be less than 58" in order to fit on the side of the table.

Admittedly, the back is a lot shorter than I wanted. (I love all the high back stuff!) but for that price, I had to take it home.

Jeremy HATES.... I mean HATES the floral.... but I think it will look particularly awesome once it's reupholstered :-)

If my table ever gets cleaned off (full of office stuff right now) I'll take a photo of it beside the table...

..... I think it has lots of potential! Look at this one....

Apartment Therapy

Thursday, May 26, 2011


These beauties are MINE!!!! Shop owner took $40 off :-)

.....side note.... Jeremy loves the trunk sitting in front of them.....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bitching & Pretty.

Why is reupholstering SO expensive!?!? Got a quote for my orange wingback.... $350!!! NOT including fabric.... ugh.

This is making me re-think buying cheapo craigslist chairs for the office "living room"

However.... I stopped in an antique store yesterday and spotted these beauties. Had they been slightly cheaper, I likely would have paid for them right there.... but $395 for the set is more than I wanted to spend.

They're upholstered in a champagne silk with down cushions.... they are COMFY!! I sent a message to the owner asking if $395 was the best price.... If they come down even a little, those puppies are mine!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Who needs a truck when you drive a convertible?!

Seriously.... my little car can haul some goodies!

I found an orange, wingback chair on craigslist yesterday for $20!!!! Dumped it in the backseat & brought it home! I'll probably leave it orange for now, but will reupholser in the future. I got it to sit at my desk in my new office :-)
craigslist photo

 A few other goodies......

I got my coffee table on Saturday for the new office! It's so pretty.... and heavy!!!

 I also found this awesome sideboard on craigslist.... went and checked it out yesterday, and it's perfect! They're delivering it this week :-) It will be in the new office to hold lots of business stuff and the flat screen for viewing photos will sit on top.
craigslist photo

Monday, May 16, 2011

Greek Yogurt. Again.

I'm back with another Greek yogurt review! See the first & second ones here! Trainer, Dana said I needed to look at the sodium count too, so I'll be adding that.

Athenos Greek Yogurt, Strawberry

Calories: 100
Fat 0
Sugars 10g
Protein 11g
Calcium 15%
Sodium: 50mg (2%)

Calories 70
Fat 0
Sugars 3g
Protein 11.5g
Calcium 30%
Sodium: 50mg

Be advised you cannot buy single servings of the plain.... you have to get it in the double serving container!

Taste: YUMMY!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Big News....

I am renting an office for the photography biz!!!!!!!

It's not the one I mentioned earlier, though.... (I met with the landlord on Tuesday, and he was a little nutty... and I wasn't getting the space with the windows I wanted)

This one is nearly HALF the price, it's bigger, in a better location & HAS A WINDOW! :-)

window is behind me... door to the right in both photos
My door on the left. Window... looks sad... will have nice curtains!
Possible layout!


I need this dress.

Apparently it's DVF, and at least 2 seasons old.... who want's to hunt one down for me??

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Having the possiblity of renting an office space outside my house gets me all excited about decorating one....

Love the long white desk & orange bamboo chair

beautiful bamboo chairs

In Love & Some Big News.


I am seriously in love with this bed. It's so delicate, but fun! It would be perfect in our mini bedroom, post baby-in-crib.

So the big news.... NO, I'm NOT pregnant. Seems that is everyone's big news these days.

Big news is.... dundundun.... we're taking our house off the market.

After looking at our options of what we could afford without being totally broke, it didn't make sense to move. Places either didn't have the square footage we want, didn't have a back yard, or wasn't in a good part of town. With Jeremy getting a job in Charlotte, we aren't forced to move.

With me wanting to rent an office in Davidson, I really want to keep my Davidson address. We also keep our Davidson schools.

So, what's next?? We'll be fencing the back yard for the puppies!

Monday, May 2, 2011

J Crew Sidewalk Sale-ing

Yesterday, Aeriel & I trekked to Asheville for the monthly J Crew Yard sale. We arrived a little before 10, and the line was surprisingly short to get in. They opened the doors, in we went, shopped and there was no line to check out.... magical!!! That's never happened to me.... note to self... go on Sunday, not Saturday!

I got:
1 pair of black pants (they're WAY too long but, fit perfect, and I have NO black pants.... how does one have no black pants?!?!) $10
1 pair of knee length dressy gray shorts $10
1 sequin-y sleeveless top $10
1 zippered neck top $10 (wish I could find it online, because it's awesome!)
1 white button up shirt (again, another staple my wardrobe has been missing for ages) $10
1 super awesome gray, wool motorcycle style jacket  $25 (similar to this one, but nicer)

Jeremy got:
2 sweaters, one ivory, one oatmeal $15 each
a bunch of pants... I lost count... one black, one gray, one khaki $10 each
a pair of gray shorts $10
black cardigan $15