Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Bedroom.... Under Construction... Part II

Curtains and Cornice Boxes, OH MY!

I built these super easy boxes using this tutorial. (Jenny's blog is awesome, so many great ideas there!) We covered them with batting and the same canvas as the headboard ($10!)  and the curtains are from IKEA ($15 for each set).

Please excuse the poor photos.... the sun was going down, so I had to whip out the flash

Here are the 2 we hung last night...

and here's the one we hung when I got home today.... Jeremy hard at work!
it's a little scary to think that cradle looks kinda cute in our room under that window! (don't worry... no babies for a while!)

***These look WAY better in person!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Bedroom.... Under Construction!

We got our headboard finished last night!!!! Eat your heart out Pottery Barn (they have one VERY similar for $499!!!) The whole project cost us about $75! Plywood, 4 yards of 1" foam, 2 yards of batting, and one 6x9 canvas drop cloth from Lowes!

bed collage

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We decided a while back we would take a cruise for our anniversary this year.... we picked out our trip, and had yet to book it.... till today!!!!!!!!! We leave Miami on October 4th (the day after our anniversary) for 5 days of sailing around the Caribbean! We stop at Key West & Cozumel, Mexico!!! Can't wait!

Monday, March 22, 2010

OK... I think....

it's between these two.....

Help Me Decide!!!!

Alrighty- we are finally getting around to sprucing up our master bedroom.... we got the bed... got the linens.... now for nightstands (Jeremy is building!!!) an upholstered headboard (we're doing together!) and new lighting!

Here's the two sconces I like.... I think this one is my favorite.... picked it out a while ago....

$229 for 2 at Pottery Barn

Here's a less expensive one  I like.... and the arms swivel

$200 for 2 at Pottery Barn

HELP! I don't know which one!

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Quickie!

I continue to suffer at blogging... I continue to apologize.... SORRY!

I'll make this quick since I'm about to leave for work!

Well, not too much exciting going on here. I continue to study photography, take photographs, and pretend I know how to edit them.... eek!
Jeremy's still on the job hunt..... but he's been picking up the camera with me and exploring, so it's nice to work together... if I could only get him to pretend to know how to edit while I'm at work, we'd be golden! I can wish....

I'm super excited about this weekend, simply because the weather is supposed to be nice! Thank you, Jesus! It's weather like this that reminds me why I bought a convertible! And why I continue to live in the South.

I leave at 1PM on Fridays from my job... a nice perk.... so today, I'm on the hunt for things that start with "B" that signify spring to photograph for the blog..... here's my list so far.... Burgers, Beer (both photographed last night!) Blooms (cherry blossoms and daffodils- currently blooming in Davidson!)... and maybe blue skies? Today is the last official day of winter.... so I am going to celebrate it's passing with these photos!

We'll see what else I come up with! Check the photo blog for the photos!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm a Guest Blogger Today!

 so, I've been a little MIA.... we were gone most of the weekend... and I've been super busy editing photos lately..... so... sorry...

Anywho.... This week, my good friend Jennifer is moving.... so she is taking some time off from blogging, and got a few of us to guest blog for her! Today, is my day!  She is very very into high fashion, and the majority of her posts revolve around that.... so what did I blog about? Fashionable Photography!

Check her out HERE!

Monday, March 8, 2010


I got some really great finds from the Target and TJMaxx in Wilmington! I'll make sure to take photos and post :-)

Wilmington Recap...

Last Wednesday Jeremy and I took off east! We headed to his parents house on Wednesday evening, spent a quick night there, and then headed to Wilmington on Thursday morning! I was there attending a conference for work, but it was fun! We spent all afternoon touring a town I used to live in- although, everything we did- I didn't do while living there! We toured Screen Gems Studios, took a horse drawn trolly through the historic homes, and had dinner on the Henrietta! The director had a few last minuet drop outs so Jeremy was able to join us :-) Then Friday I had a morning meeting and lunch.... then we were free to enjoy Wilmington for the weekend!!!! I really miss living there, I miss the freedom to just go the beach whenever, the freedom to walk down the Cape Fear River.... ahhhh the good ole days!

The trolley ride.....

We stayed with Karen and Paul and spent all day Saturday doing a "just because" photo shoot with them! We have been needing to make a sample KISS album, and they were the PERFECT subjects!!!! We started at Ft. Fisher and worked our way into downtown with the sunset.... I cannot wait to get these photos off the cameras and edited so I can post them... we were really thrilled with them :-)

Sunday we had lunch with Sabrina and Kaleb, at one of our favorite places.... 2 Guys Grille.... MMMMMMM Pepperjack Shrimp Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries!

Then headed back to Jeremy's Parents.... did a little photo shoot with Miss Emma Rae :-)

Look for some awesomeness over on the photo blog soon!!!!

Here's the view from our Hilton on Friday morning.....

..... I love that we had thousands of dollars of photography equipment with us.... and all 3 of these were taken with my iPhone..... lol!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Target Craving

 really need spring to hurry up and get here..... Target has some super cute stuff out..... and their new Liberty of London line is about to hit also! Super cute floral goodies!- including the bike at the bottom..... it's for sure on my wish list!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Etsy Craving.....

Killing time, browsing Etsy, I found these..... yummy! From SurfandSand

Monday, March 1, 2010

Lunch :-)

The Husband made me lunch today :-)

new nifty bread his brother gave us.... pita-like- but split for making sammaches.... YUM!
salt & vinager kettle chips
thin mints
apple turnover yogurt!