Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Topic....

I've been trying my best to keep my mind off the chaos going on at my house right now.... (say a little prayer that the majority of our flooring downstairs will be done when I arrive home at 5:15.....)

To help keep my mind off these things I've been:

A. Looking at pieces of land for sale near the coast. The main problem I'm running into is that all the ones we can afford are all in neighborhoods that have yet to be developed. We wouldn't be building for a long time- so I suppose this isn't an issue.... but what if the neighborhood never fully develops? hmmm

Here's the 2 lots I like the best:

1. Very close to Ocean Isle

2. At Surf City- but has building restrictions

B. Looking at cute things online- like this.... to bad it's $80!!! WTF. I can paint "dog toys" on a $15 beverage pail from Target myself.

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