Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm still here...

The last week has just been insane.

We officially went under contract on the beach property on Tuesday! ***squeels***

Work has been crazy busy. Between starting to do prep for our annual state convention that will be mid September, making final prep for the trip we took to DC, working on National Convention tours and booking hotel rooms for our board of directors for a meeting tomorrow and Wednesday, I haven't had time to breathe.

We left bright and early Thursday morning (yes, Jeremy went with) in Statesville... we made pickups in Hillsborough and Raleigh before we headed up to DC. We made it there, had dinner and went to bed. Did some touring on Friday at the Supreme Court, Capitol and then headed to Baltimore for the Orioles/Nationals game! (by far the highlight of the trip!)

Saturday, we did a little more touring and attended the National Grange building celebration. We then headed down to Alexandria for a nice dinner at Joe Theismann's.

We made the long trip home last night.... I was a little more than ready to be home. This was one of the most challenging/irritating/frustrating day(s) I've had on this job. All kinds of things didn't go right, and all the people I had complaining just didn't help. I was in tears multiple times throughout the weekend. Our bus driver, wasn't our normal guy, and he just didn't want to cooperate with me. That. was. super. annoying. People complained left and right about having to walk so far.... HELLO... buses can't take you up to every doorstep in DC!! They complained about the heat... well, sorry, blame God, not me. They complained when things ended early and couldn't get back on the bus instantly. They complained when the cooler was not completely stocked. You name it, they complained about it.

Thank God I don't have to think about another bus trip for a year and a half. Next November National Convention is in Oklahoma.... oh yeah, that ought to be fun... what the hell is there to see between here and Oklahoma..... and what the hell is there to see in Oklahoma?

Maybe Jeremy will get a job that relocates us somewhere else.... and we can both start over.....

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  1. I understand your frustration. But I'm quite fond of you being so close by to me!! Don't go too far away! :)