Monday, August 1, 2011

Office Art.

One of the things Bryn suggested at our meeting was a "gallery wall" of sorts. I knew I liked the idea, but didn't want it to be ALL photos.... so it got me thinking about all the southern things I could frame.

Well, I've officially started to put this plan in action. I made a trip to Ikea yesterday (which, BTW only reminded me why I don't visit Ikea on the weekends!) I went in search of a piece to house my giant printer/scanner/ect. and to look at frames & rugs.

I came home with this piece

We were having a hard time located something small enough, but with tall enough drawers to house the 11" tall, massive printer. I didn't take into account the depth of the drawers though.... (as in from the front of the piece to the back). The drawers are too short. UGH. Luckily, the overall width isn't, so Jeremy is going to rework the top drawer and build a shelf and put the drawer front on hinges, making a door out of it.

Anyway.... I'll fill you in more when it's completed. So... I went to check out frames... I ordered 2 pieces from Rifle Paper Co. and they came on Saturday... so naturally, I wanted them framed asap! I also wanted to get a frame for a pinwheel I had from a wedding..

The heart is a print, and the wedding cake is one of their cards.

They were actually out of the small, white shadow box frames.... so I bought it in black... I'll either paint it white, or a fun color. (don't think I didn't try and rip apart their display and take one of those... I tried)

Bryn also mentioned a natural rug to fill much of the "living room" area of the office... then layer another on top of it..... She said she'd got one at Ikea, so I went looking.... I didn't find the one she mentioned, but did find another one... I might go back & get it...

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