Monday, August 8, 2011

Wingback Hell.

When given the option of spending $120 vs days of your time, pay the money every time.

This wingback chair is misery in a physical state. I spent about 8 hours removing staples. JUST.REMOVING.STAPLES.  that's enough to make a woman crazy.

Let me just tell you about my weekend....

I got over to my office about 1015AM on Saturday morning. I cut all the pieces out using the old ones as patterns. Then I knew I needed to get sewing on the piping. So... I sewed.... and sewed.... and fought with the bobbin... and sewed more. Then I was starving & had a lunch date and Lowes trip with hubs. He came over to the office & removed the last piece off the chair (the dreaded arm piece).

Thank God, I thought. I can finally start stapling! not. I had to go home get the compressor, go to Handcock because I ran out of piping and broke the needle on my sewing machine... got to office. Left keys at home :-( So Jeremy had to let me in.... feeling a bit defeated, I decided to work on the cushion... that part actually went ok... but I didn't get it finished. Home I went.

Sunday.... I went back to the office about 11.... attempted to finish the cushion... didn't happen... of course the top & bottom don't line up right, so the back of the cushion isn't sewn shut.... but it does look pretty good.

Then it was time to start stapling. I got the first two pieces on, no problem.... (the piece that goes under the cushion & the back rest).... then came the frustration....

The inside/top/front of the arm was next. How on earth you get this piece on without wrinkles is beyond me. Same with the inside piece of the wing. I can get it around the rounded part that juts out, but not so much where it cuts back in near the bottom :-(

I got them on there.... but it isn't pretty. Then I quit.

I'm sticking to much simpler projects from now on....

OH... PS....

we returned that cabinet I bought at Ikea last week... decided it wasn't worth $80... and bought a jute rug instead... see it above??

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