Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yummy Dinners & White Flags

Last night I found myself in charge of our dinner..... sometimes I pick, sometimes Jeremy picks.... but we had nearly no dinner food in our house so I made a grocery run.... I wanted a strawberry salad I'd had before....

I'd picked this up a while ago and added fresh strawberries.... super yum! Only I bought it at the Teeter, and not Lowes, where I was heading.

Of course Lowes didn't stock it. So, I thought I could make it myself! I picked up a cheapo lettuce mix, fresh strawberries and a half of a baked chicken from the market section. Then we added on the fixins....

What we used:
Bag lettuce
Fresh strawberries cut up
Blue Cheese
Baked chicken

and...... homemade strawberry vinaigrette! (the one thing I really love that comes in the kit pictured) I found a recipe and made it! (although we didn't have the tarragon, so I skipped it)

Eat your heart out Panera!!

.............. In unrelated news.... after fighting the wingback for 3 hours last night.... I'm done. I'm waving the white flag. It's getting professionally done. 

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