Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Procrastination Payoff.

Over the weekend I was down in Wilmington to assist photographing a wedding. Well, of course I couldn't drive 4 hours just to work all day and have no fun?! So I got there Friday evening and made plans to hit the beach with my BFF on Saturday morning.

We got up & decided to go to Carolina Beach so I could check on our lot & the progress of the street paving project. We got a letter saying they were going to begin the work on July 11.

We pulled up to Texas Ave... low and behold! Our street was blocked off because of road work! Yay!

The really exciting part... because of the paving, they took out the trees!!!! This was a project Jeremy planned to tackle with his dad & friend sometime this fall. There weren't any large trees, but enough to be a full days work. Now our street will be paved AND we'll be able to drive straight on to our lot without driving through the 2 behind us! Wahoo!

I video'd this exciting news & sent it to Jeremy :-)

Side note... I can't believe we've owned this for over a year now! Nuts!

See video here of how it looked the day we bought it!

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