Thursday, August 18, 2011

Office Woes.

After being parked next to the beautiful sofa in High Cotton Home on Tuesday.... it made me want to reupholster that damn pink sofa again..... but, for now.... I am going to stick it out with the pink pattern. I want to make a solid lumbar pillow for it.... thoughts on a fabric color? Solid white would be safe.... but boring.

I decided to randomly move my pink chair into the "livingroom" area..... I kinda like it! But.... I think I'll move it to the corner closer to the door (on the other side of the sideboard) ....

here's what I'm thinking....

Loving a coffee table like this.... I'm stalking craigslist for one to paint!

Don't ya love this pink wingback in this livingroom??


  1. What about a slightly lighter, vibrant kelly green or a shade of aqua.