Friday, July 29, 2011

Not Much News.

Well... I've been sick most of this week.... blah! Being sick in the summer sucks!

But.... after I made my list of "southern things to frame" I thought of one other thing I could do.... hang my quilt!

Quilts are southern, right? I have a quilt my grandmother started for me, but she didn't get to finish before she passed away. One of my aunts remembered the quilt, dug it out, finished it and gave it to me for my wedding gift. Besides the pearls Jeremy gave me, this is by far my most treasured wedding gift. I almost HATE using it because I don't want anything to happen to it. (I did take it to camp with me 2 weeks ago to sleep under)

But.... with it being pink.... wouldn't it look awesome in my office!?!?

Minus the bedroom + the office....

Sarah Richardson

Did you know I'm obsessed with Sarah Richardson.... I have many of her episodes about her cottage on our DVR... I refuse to delete them... I watch them over and over.....

...... and a word about that bed.... my parents had a brass bed.... I hated that thing. I thought it was so ugly! Now... not so much... they're totally growing on me! I really love the bedding too :-)

I bought a towel bar last night for a whopping $5 at Homegoods! I can't wait to hang it!


  1. That is my duvet! Its perfect because it has every color in it and I fully intend on changing up the color I focus on for each season.

  2. My parents had a brass bed too. I always thought it was so ugly. Who knew they would make a come back!?