Friday, August 19, 2011

Branching Out.

You know how I'm terrified of pattern?

I found this girl, and she inspired me. 

I went shopping after work yesterday. I needed some "me" time.

Hit some major scores... 2 of which I'm wearing today!

White Jacket (Willi Smith) It's a smidge big, but for $7 I didn't care.... and it's fully lined in a khaki python print. Win.

Yellow & white striped Izod top.... this is 2 fold branching out.... 1. I never wear yellow. 2. It's striped. .... and it was $2!!! I was sold.

Pink shell. I can't remember the designer. $5!

** I have on navy shorts with this... kinda hard to see

I also tried on a leopard print skirt, but it was too big, and the zipper was wacky... really wanted it though... would have been awesome with the pink top!

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