Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Solid or Pattern?

Whoa.... 2 posts in one day. Stand back.

So, I still have not heard back from the settee person. Humph.

But.... that doesn't stop me from daydreaming of how to recover it. I had originally thought of this fabric for the chairs....

 (I also love this one!)

but if I do a patterned print on the settee, then that just seems like too much.

So what do you think??

Pattern on the chairs, solid on the settee or solid on the chairs, pattern on the settee?

I think I'm leaning towards pattern on the settee.... that is, if I ever find one!

LOVELOVELOVE this Chevron pattern!!!!


  1. I really like the pattern. A little color would be great.

  2. I would say "what would Sarah do??" I watched a recent kitchen episode of hers and she did pattern on the chairs and solid on the satee :)