Monday, May 2, 2011

J Crew Sidewalk Sale-ing

Yesterday, Aeriel & I trekked to Asheville for the monthly J Crew Yard sale. We arrived a little before 10, and the line was surprisingly short to get in. They opened the doors, in we went, shopped and there was no line to check out.... magical!!! That's never happened to me.... note to self... go on Sunday, not Saturday!

I got:
1 pair of black pants (they're WAY too long but, fit perfect, and I have NO black pants.... how does one have no black pants?!?!) $10
1 pair of knee length dressy gray shorts $10
1 sequin-y sleeveless top $10
1 zippered neck top $10 (wish I could find it online, because it's awesome!)
1 white button up shirt (again, another staple my wardrobe has been missing for ages) $10
1 super awesome gray, wool motorcycle style jacket  $25 (similar to this one, but nicer)

Jeremy got:
2 sweaters, one ivory, one oatmeal $15 each
a bunch of pants... I lost count... one black, one gray, one khaki $10 each
a pair of gray shorts $10
black cardigan $15

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