Monday, May 23, 2011

Who needs a truck when you drive a convertible?!

Seriously.... my little car can haul some goodies!

I found an orange, wingback chair on craigslist yesterday for $20!!!! Dumped it in the backseat & brought it home! I'll probably leave it orange for now, but will reupholser in the future. I got it to sit at my desk in my new office :-)
craigslist photo

 A few other goodies......

I got my coffee table on Saturday for the new office! It's so pretty.... and heavy!!!

 I also found this awesome sideboard on craigslist.... went and checked it out yesterday, and it's perfect! They're delivering it this week :-) It will be in the new office to hold lots of business stuff and the flat screen for viewing photos will sit on top.
craigslist photo

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