Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bench Seating.

Remember how much I love a bench at a dining table....


Well..... I went to a little store in Cornelius to see a wingback settee I'd seen online. It was sold.... BUT.... they had this little cutie! It was 50% off and then the owner took another $25 off :-)

$100 was too perfect a price. I measured it. 54".... perfect!!! It had to be less than 58" in order to fit on the side of the table.

Admittedly, the back is a lot shorter than I wanted. (I love all the high back stuff!) but for that price, I had to take it home.

Jeremy HATES.... I mean HATES the floral.... but I think it will look particularly awesome once it's reupholstered :-)

If my table ever gets cleaned off (full of office stuff right now) I'll take a photo of it beside the table...

..... I think it has lots of potential! Look at this one....

Apartment Therapy

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