Friday, April 15, 2011

Greek Yogurt.

As you may recall, I tried Chobani a while back. Hated it. Tasted like chalk milked with milk. Bleh.

But.... with this "change your lifestyle, change your eating habits" I'm currently enduring.... the trainer says eat high protein.... which Greek yogurt is.....

She likes FAGE. So I bought a tub of 0% and had at it. Not bad, kinda like it.... really good with honey mixed in.

Then while I was in Charleston last weekend, I needed to grab something healthy for breakfast.... the only Greek yogurt Target had was the FAGE 2% with honey.... so I caved, and got it.... holy hell.... so much tastier than the 0%. I knew I was going to wreck my good 0% habit if I ever tasted the 2%.... ugh.

 Well, I like to coupon.... I have found coupons for Athenos Greek Yogurt, Yoplait, and Okieos. I just hip up the Food Lion across from my office for a quick, cheap lunch and thought I'd try and use some coupons. I had the Okieos & Yoplait with me. FL didn't have Okieos, but they did have the Yoplait.... so I'm testing out their honey 0%

Taste Test Result: YUM!!!!!

Here's the nutrition breakdown for all 3 above:

Calories 100
Fat 0
Sugars 7g
Protein 18g
Calcium 20%

FAGE 2% with honey
Calories 170
Fat 0
Sugars 29g
Protien 13g
Calcium 15%

Yoplait 0% with honey
Calories 150
Fat 0
Protien 14g
Calcium 40%

So, of course all things considered the FAGE 0% is the healthiest......

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