Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In Love & Some Big News.

I am seriously in love with this bed. It's so delicate, but fun! It would be perfect in our mini bedroom, post baby-in-crib.

So the big news.... NO, I'm NOT pregnant. Seems that is everyone's big news these days.

Big news is.... dundundun.... we're taking our house off the market.

After looking at our options of what we could afford without being totally broke, it didn't make sense to move. Places either didn't have the square footage we want, didn't have a back yard, or wasn't in a good part of town. With Jeremy getting a job in Charlotte, we aren't forced to move.

With me wanting to rent an office in Davidson, I really want to keep my Davidson address. We also keep our Davidson schools.

So, what's next?? We'll be fencing the back yard for the puppies!

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