Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Updates

I came home last week to find Jeremy had done 99% of the painting that needed to be done! He's painted the guest bath the same tan as our bedroom- it's nice & still looks good with the shower curtain & towels that are already there. He painted the lower half of our stairs & hall- ie: covering the scuff marks from the dogs. He also did some touch up painting in the kitchen & dining area. The house is looking a 100% better.... thus making us even more sad to sell.

Jeremy's parents came down yesterday to take another truck load of stuff to his brothers house for storage. This means everything that is out of the house, is staying out. We've just got a few minor things left, like a few paint spots to touch up, and putting away lots of things that are out- mainly the tools, ect. that have been being used to fix things.

We're ready to move on- bring on the offers!


  1. Not going to lie, it makes me a little sad that you are selling the Davidson house! But with all the entertaining you guys do and the dogs, I can totally see your reasons :) Plus, your need to constantly have a project! Love ya Jess :)

  2. It makes us sad too. If we had a yard, we'd likely stay longer.... but the lack of yard/privacy is starting to get to us. Gus & Bender need a place to run!