Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today I am sitting in the peace & quiet of my day job office. I am trying to keep myself busy... currently addressing & stuffing envelopes by hand.

Yesterday was strange. It finally started to hit us, we're going to try & sell our home. Our home that we first lived together in, our home we hunted days & nights for, our home that we opened our wedding gifts on the floor in, our home where I started my business, our home where so many memories have been made. I'm starting to cry as I write this.

We've begun moving furniture, we'll be painting walls & doing touch ups throughout the next week. Our home officially goes live on the market next weekend.

A huge part of me is not ready to leave this space behind, but a bigger part of me knows it's time to move on.... quite figuratively & literally.

We're scared. It will take selling our home to purchase a new one, too much money is tied up in this home. We don't have to sell, so if we don't get the right offer, we don't have to take it.... I guess that makes it easier in some way.

So here's the specs for anyone interested:

1281 square feet
3 bedrooms
2.5 bathrooms

In Summers Walk neighborhood- HOA of only $75 a year provides access to olympic size pool & kiddie pool, playground, dog park, & walking trails. 

Because it's in the "affordable housing" program, if it's bought within the first 60 days it must be bought by a "qualified buyer" (find out more about that here) . After that 60 days it's opened to anyone.

Price: $148,850

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  1. Adorable home! WOW $75 a YEAR for HOA??? Ours is $120+ a MONTH and all that covers in lawn maintenance, snow removal and common insurance! I would KILL for that price and a fitness center! Or a dog park...wishful thinking! Best of luck, I know we'll feel the same way when we move in a few years. Its a lovely home and a good price, hopefully you'll have an easy time.