Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Neutrals.

Most of you already know I have an affinity for all things gray. It only got worse this weekend.

My BFF Karen was in town and we hit up my favorite Marshalls in the Charlotte area... Cotswold. It's big, a little junky, always busy... but has lots of random Gucci, Hugo Boss, ect.

I came out with 2 new outfits....

Gray linen top ($14.99) & white jeans ($24.99)
Gray Nine West pants ($24.99) and white Cynthia Rowley linen top ($14.99)

I wore one of them today :-) (with my navy blue J Crew cardigan & gray navy kitten heels)

excuse the fact I took these photos in my office hallway in very ugly mirrors.

side braided hair = Jessica got up late & didn't have time to do anything better....

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