Thursday, March 10, 2011

D Day.

Or more L day? List day?

Tonight's the night. We're listing our home for sale. Scary. I'll be photographing our house in the morning for the listing since Jeremy is fixing all the little details today (crown molding, hanging a mirror, finishing touch up paint).

I'll share the photos with you soon :-)

I also got an email from Cindy @ the town yesterday. She is the affordable housing coordinator there. She let me know she had a couple interested in living in our neighborhood & wanted to know if we were still going to be listing our home. YES! I told her..... so who knows- we may already have a buyer! (not holding my breath though)

So, cross your fingers, say a prayer....  this is going to get interesting.

On a lighter note.... I'm headed to Carolina Beach tomorrow for work :-) I'm taking a few small items to put in our storage building (chair, fire pit, & cooler). I'll also get to inspect the grass growth situation... eek! Jeremy & I decided to go camping down there in a few weeks, so he'll need to make an interim trip down to mow the grass... hope it hasn't gotten wild!

.... still haven't heard back from settee lady.....

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