Tuesday, March 1, 2011


With spring arriving little by little we've made the decision to list our home for sale. Last night was a furry of shifting furniture around, getting things ready to send of to Jeremy's parents for storage, and making our home look the best it can.

Some things we need to do ASAP:

1. Paint the orange bathroom a neutral color (we're thinking the nice tan in our bedroom)
2. Paint the stairwell/hall area.... it's gotten really scuffed over the last 2.5 years
3. Finish the stairs (I think there's 4 left.... and Jeremy's working on them today)
4. Finish up the crown molding downstairs
5. Organize & put things away
6. CLEAN. Our house is fairly clean, but it needs a good scrubbing.

We hope these things will only take about a week, and we'll be up for sale!

We found this home online a few days ago, and I rode by it yesterday (before the torrential downpour started).... love it, love the neighborhood, love the lot, loveitloveitloveit. Unfortunately someone was there when I pulled up.... so I couldn't get out and peek around. Someone started a renovation on it, but left it... the kitchen is gutted, but the rest looks like it's in good shape. We hope to go see it tomorrow night!

so cross your fingers we can get our home sold quickly..... anyone interested????

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