Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another Neutral....

I'm slowly transitioning my wardrobe to spring :-)  (too bad tomorrow & Friday's highs are only in the 60's!)

So, I'm soaking up the 83 today!!

I broke out one of the tops I bought this weekend.... I'd already been to the fitting room & chosen a top (that I lusted over back in December!!!... marked down to $15!) and a little vest thingy.... kinda flowy... anyway.... I was headed over to the Homegoods side of the store when I spotted this top in the Jr. section. I normally avoid the Jr. section at all costs now. Clothes tend to be made poorly, and run way too small. But this shirt didn't seem to fit either of those items. Cute, normal sized and made decent!

I grabbed it, and took it home.... without trying it on! Grabbed it in a hurry this morning with my $4 Target jeans. Overall... I LOVE the shirt, but because of the pleated thing in the front, it weights it down, exposing the underside/lining. At least the lining is the same color.

You know you love my sexy photos in the heinous office mirror :-)

The shirt looks white in the photo, but it's really a nice pale oatmeal/tan color.