Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Edition.

I normally don't do much weekend posting.... I'm guilty of always blogging from my desk at work. But I'll make an exception today :-)

I wanted to share all the Friday & Saturday goodness I've had!

Friday....  I made a Super Target stop on my way home from my office to scope out the storage container section. Why you ask? Well on Thursday we did a little rearranging of our "office area". I had decided on Sunday, the shelf that hung above my desk was just too intrusive and bulky- so I bought one of those picture ledge thingies from Ikea. So Wednesday night we Jeremy removed the shelf and started patching the massive holes it left in our wall. On Thursday he sanded down the holes and hung the picture ledge, and put the shelf under the desk for storage.

So..... not having the shelf, meant no where to store my orange & white & black Ikea storage boxes of work stuff (ribbon, cds, dvds, cd sleeves, notecards, stamps, ink, ect). Well, right next to my desk is our pantry, which is full, messy and needed a serious overhaul. Hence, why I went to Target for storage containers. We have ample space, we just haven't been using it efficiently. The wire shelving was making storing things a challenge. Nothing would stay level, and stacking items was near impossible..... solution? Colorful crates from Target. I bought one not knowing if I'd like it enough, but I did, so I went back, got 2 more and 3 more smaller containers.

I began pulling things out shelf by shelf, and organizing everything into categories. Crate #1 got all our canned good items, and other random things like dried cranberries and croutons. Crate #2 got the baking items- oil, extra flower, brown sugar, cake mixes, ect.  Crate #3 got pasta, cereal, crackers, ect.  Then the little containers got stuff like, popcorn, salt (which I discovered we own FOUR containers of salt.... OMG!).

I then tackled the little shelving unit and the junk box..... I tossed more open bags of corn chips than I care to disclose. I also discovered the 90 some odd Nature Valley Bars that the in-laws brought us a while back.... and no, I am not kidding- they now take up TWO gallon size storage bags....

All this.... to make an empty shelf for those boxes of photo stuff..... now they are neatly housed on the bottom shelf :-)

I also got this frame to hang some prints in above the picture ledge (horizontally).

We then had date night at Cheesecake Factory for National Cheesecake Day! We ordered so. much. food. It was all so yummy.... but we had to save room for dessert, duh!

We came home with SIX boxes of food.... how is that for ridiculous?!?!?! We then laid in bed, stuffed to the brim and watched Friday. It was really nice to have some downtime with the hubs, we hadn't had a nice night, alone in a long time.

Stay tuned for my Saturday adventure in Asheville!

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  1. Totally awesome idea here with the dog crate under the desk! Great work concealing something that is typically an eye sore. This is such a great solution!

    Also, mega props to all the other organizing you have goin' on!

    Thanks a gazillion times over for sharing! IHeart this to pieces!