Friday, July 30, 2010

Help to fellow bloggers!

Last night Mel & I attended the first Charlotte Bloggers Meetup! We had so much wonderful discussion over dinner and drinks at Charley's, and made me want to be a better blogger!

It's nice to talk with other people that don't think you're crazy for being a blogger :-)

Anyway.... to the point of the post..... there was some talk about the whole 'no follow' thing..... so here are the directions for disabling it

For Wordpress:

Just download remove_follow. Inside the archive you will find remove_follow.php. Upload this file in wp-content/plugins and then activate the plugin in the Plugins section of the Wordpress admin.

For Blogger:

Also- for bloggers, here's the link to getting rid of the navbar at the top of the page...

Hope that helps!


  1. Thanks Jessica! It worked like a charm. It was so great to meet you yesterday. I'm looking forward to the next meetup!

  2. Yay! Glad it worked for you! It was great to meet you too!