Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today's Lunch....

I've been trying to be better about bringing my lunch to work.... today is a success in that department!

Here's what's in my lunchbox:

1. Whole grain sandwich rounds with Stans Pimento Cheese
2. Mott's Natural Apple Sauce
3. Yoplait Greek Yogurt (had a coupon, and thought I'd try it) I'll let you know how it taste... I've had chobani and didn't like it.
3. Strawberries cut up for the yogurt
4. Back to Nature cranberry pecan granola for the yogurt (found this in the 50% off bin at Lowe's Food... and it's yummy!)
5. Coke.... it's my weakness... I love it!


  1. Greek yogurt was an acquired taste for me. Some bards just tend to have too much tang. My fave is Trader Joe's honey Greek Yogurt.

  2. might have to try TJ's.... the yoplait was chalky :-/ I didn't mind it's taste, but the texture was off....