Friday, August 20, 2010

Am I Crazy?

We won't call it crazy, we'll call it planning ahead.

I spotted this fabric yesterday. Feel in love (only I wanted it in yellow, navy or gray). I emailed them. They emailed me back. It comes in yellow.

I am buying 5 yards of it.

Why? Because my last name is Horton (Dr. Seuss anyone?)and when we have a baby, the poor thing will be surrounded by elephants.

So yes- I am buying fabric for a nursery I don't have, for a child I don't have.

No, I'm not pregnant.

I couldn't resist.

And if you're wondering- our nursery will be yellow, navy, gray and white. Gender neutral.


  1. But it's adorable. I would want to put them on chairs or something. But I like funky fabric. How are you doing these days? I keep up with you through your blog - you guys have so much going on!

  2. Yeah, I could totally see a cute accent chair covered in it! That website has so much awesome fabric, at pretty good prices too!!

    We are busy, I think that's the only thing keeping me sane! haha I love being busy :-)

  3. Where do you find all this cool stuff? Now if only I had a sewing machine or could make cute pillow like you do! :)

  4. You could buy a little be used as a tablecloth at the baby tie things together. Of course, the elephant could be scanned in to make coordinating invitations as well.

  5. Tish, get a sewing machine! They aren't as scary as they seem. I did lots of reading about them before I bought it. I'll do a post about it!
    And, I read way tooany design blogs, that's how I found the site... Hahaha!

    Kim, those are great ideas! Maybe I'll get more than 5 yards!

  6. So, I thought about 10 yards.... but didn't want to spend quite that much.... so I got 8.... eeek!!! I can't wait to get it!