Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Haven't had much to talk about lately......

Jeremy was out of town all last week helping his brother.... so I was a lazy bum. Nothing fun to report. We did have an awesome date night on Saturday at Qdoba :-) We sat, laughed and walked around Birkdale for a bit. I got some new magazines at Barns & Noble.... Coastal Living was one. I really need to just subscribe to this magazine.... with what I've spent on 2 I could have subscribed for the whole year..... I also picked up Charlotte Weddings.... which I forgot I already had a (free) copy of.... bleh..... and then Real Simple Weddings. This magazine came with a free subscription for a year with purchase... so $13 for a year isn't too shabby.... however, the magazine was great, nice, high quality.... but the content was more like a how-to guide for brides... not like a traditional wedding magazine. Hopefully their future issues will be a little more traditional.

I spent Saturday night reading my magazines while Jeremy watched football..... I feel like we lucked out because the Coastal Living had a really nice article on spending a weekend in Miami, and what to see, do, and where to eat.... and a month from now, we will be spending a weekend ini Miami, before heading off on our cruise! It was a great article, and gave us lots of ideas!

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