Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bedroom Updates!

So if you saw this video.... you noticed our "dresser" in our bedroom has changed. We switched out this dresser:

for my computer cabinet. The finish matches all our furniture in our room, whereas our other one didn't.

We'd just folded all of Jeremy's clothes neatly- until yesterday, when all our nice new storage boxes came from Crate & Barrel!

Old cabinet:
old cabinet

New cabinet:
after cabinet

I am going to get some 3M hooks to stick on the inside of the doors to hold all my chunky necklaces!

You also see all our DVDs in the first photo.... we bought this from Crate & Barrel too, to store them in under our guest bed!


Here are all the boxes I bought:

1. Black Plastic (for undies, socks, and random things)- from the Target $1 section at the front of the store for $2.50 each. (I bought several more to put in our bathroom cabinet)
2. White square boxes.
3. Set of 4 storage boxes

If you follow me on twitter, you know I had an adventure with trying to make a pillow with piping on Tuesday night. Here's the finished product:




This chair I bought a while back from Ikea, in their clearance section for $99 I think.It's been in our junk room/old office with a blue and white stripe cover. I went by Ikea this weekend, and picked up the solid white cover for $29.


  1. hey jessica :) your house looks so good! I wish I was that good at decorating our house! I saw your message on twitter about public transportation in Miami, and well the safest & best way to get to south beach from the airport is a cab, its probably about $30 or so, but the metro doesn't go in that direction, and well the i'm not sure about the bus, but they can be really sketchy...I lived in Miami for 2 years, so let me know how long you will be there, and I can tell you some good restaurants! :)

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  3. Thanks Cassidy!

    We will be in Miami from October 1st (evening) to Monday morning the 4th staying in South Beach.... we definitely need ideas of things to do!!!! Please suggest places to see and eat :-)