Thursday, August 12, 2010

Boring Thursday....

Not much to report today. I did get a mini haircut yesterday.... since getting bangs cut in January I've had a funky do- that really only looks decent when I "fix" it. Let's face it.... lately, I've been a wash, dry and run out of the house girl. I have decided to start letting my hair grow out a bit.... I've been keeping it super short, till these last 6 months when I've neglected my hair.... so the growing out of the hair wasn't a conscious decision- but instead something that just happened.

Well, Tuesday I had a meeting across the state- making it easy to hit up my wonderful hairdresser, Anna at Lux Salon. (Yes, I drive 2.5 hours to get a haircut... I worked at a salon in Durham before moving, and was driving back there.... then I decided to try out a "nice" place here... sucked ass... got the worst haircut ever... so Jeremy booked me with a girl where he was going... been there ever since!)

I asked her just to make my "bangs" not so random.... so she left the length like I wanted, and added a few layers in to blend the bangs in with... It's SO much better!

Of course I got up as late as posssible today, and didn't fix it, so I won't be showing you a photo... but just know it looks a lot better :-)

In other news- We have a super fun baby photo shoot tonight, and I can't wait! Happy Thursday!

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