Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Edition II

Now.... on to Saturday :-)

Got up early, Mel met me at my house with Starbucks and we hit the road for the J Crew yard sale! It started at 10, so we wanted to get there by then. We arrived, and the line was out the door into the parking lot.... to make a long story short- we waited 3 HOURS!!!! I've never waited more than a half hour to get in the sale.... but after driving 2 hours to get there, we weren't giving up!

We got in the door about 1:15ish and shopped till about 3..... digging in boxes for treasures. Of course, I always end up buying more for Jeremy than I do me.... probably because their are way more women there rifling through the women's boxes, and the mens boxes go a lot less touched. I went on a mission to find Jeremy some gray dress pants.... and kept an open mind about anything else....

Here's the rundown of what I got:

For Me:
Gray & Yellow polka dot bathing suit- one piece
2 Gray cardigans (one of which I discovered a hole in when I got home... ugh!)
2 solid talk tops, one gray, one navy
One white tank with roses
Gray, silk, sleeveless, ruffley top... my favorite purchase!
Gray and white headband
AND- this dress! (only paid $20 for it!!!) -mine is navy like the photo!

From Julie's blog- it was her bridesmaids dress!

For Jeremy:
3 pairs of dress pants- one black, one navy w/gray pin stripes, and one black
1 pair of khakis (which were a fail!)
a tan sweater vest (which he isn't sure about.... but I think it's damn cute!)
A white button down shirt
A white and gray stripe polo
Navy and white stripe shorts
Red shorts
Black and white striped tie

Total Spent: $175 ...... what ONE of the pairs of dress pants I bought Jeremy retails for ... verdict.... success!

I'll try and take photos of all the stuff I bought that isn't online anymore..... (I also got 2 really great dresses last Sunday... I need to photograph them too!)


  1. LOVE that dress! I took my sister's after the wedding ... :)

    Now how can I get to Asheville to get to this place?!?

  2. I'll post directions in my next post :-) It's the awesome holy grail of J Crew goodness!

  3. You should have called me! We were already in Rockingham.

    Let me know next sale you are going to - hopefully it will work out to have a girl weekend :)