Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello Monday.

How was your weekend? Mine was awesome.

With the crazy, irregular snow that's been dumped on us.... the 60-70 degree temps were just intoxicating :-) You never know how badly you crave warm weather until you own a convertible. In the summer, it needs to be between 75-82 degrees for the top on my car to be down. With black leather seats, you roast very quickly in the summer, and anything below 75 you're "freezing"..... unless it's January.

Yesterday my car read 72.... and you better believe I put the top down, and went for a Sunday drive. I had a client meeting down near Southpark... so I took the long way home 1. to avoid the highway wind and 2. to enjoy the time in the car. I wound my way up Park Rd, through uptown, to Plaza Midwood and over to NoDa before heading home. It was glorious.

I got home and Jeremy & I decided to enjoy that new patio furniture we got last fall, drank strawberry daiquiri's and played cards. We ended the night with bratwursts, & baked beans. It was perfect.

Hope you're weekend was amazing :-)

..... oh.... and Saturday we had this adorable shoot in Winston!

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