Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is going to be random, I'll appologize in advance.

1. We booked another Charlotte wedding on Sunday! Yay!
2. We spent 3 hours looking at houses for sale in Nashville last night (guilty pleasure)... and kinda love this house...
3. I may or may not have eaten a leftover bratwurst a 930 last night.
4. I really love mustard, like really really.
5. I am making plans for an awesome engagement shoot coming up soon! cupcakes may or may not be involved.
6. Jeremy also applied for a job in Wilmington.... I faintly smell beach house built before my 30th.
7. We're hosting a little giveaway on our photo blog this week.... so go enter! 

...... and this is pretty. (beach house bedroom? Yes. Please.)



  1. That's a super cute house! I love the floors :-) Looking for houses is one of my guilty pleasures too!

  2. Hope Baltimore is treating you guys well!!

  3. Gorgeous house! Great price! I kind of miss looking at houses, but we've got another 2 years at least in ours so I can't give in to the temptation!