Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Jeremy just text me.

"What do you think about Nashville?"

"I could do it"

"I have an interview on Wednesday!!!"

"What !?!?!??!!??!"

"In Nashville?"



"Correction, interview is now on Friday"

....................... holy ish.... we could be moving to Nashville.


  1. Exciting! What's the job? You know we live in Nashville now. Jason actually just got a engineering job here as well and will be finally up here permanently (before had been doing the back and forth from Atlanta).

    If you need a place to stay here, we have a second bedroom and you are welcome! Is it this Friday as in two days from now? I am heading to Atlanta that afternoon for our last weekend there, but am here Thursday night.

    Good luck! Nashville is fantastic.

  2. I live in Nashville, it's a wonderful place.