Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not A Hoarder....

You know that show, Hoarders? I don't want to be that person. My inlaws are slowly becoming those people.... esp. Jeremy's Dad.

One of my goals in the next few months is to seriously purge things we don't need. I am not a sappy sentimental person- but it can be rough getting rid of stuff.

I've started purging my closet about every 6 months. Let's face it, I'm a clothes whore. I like them, I like to buy them. And I like to dream about the day my size 6 jeans will fit again. But lets just be real.... even when I get down to a size 6 again (ahem... this summer, hopefully!) I will want new jeans. The old ones will likely never get worn anyway.... so let them go.....

Since I've joined the Jr. League this year, we have to make donations to the Wearhouse in Plaza Midwood.... lucky for me, I've got oodles of stuff I am sending their way for consignment! I've got a JCrew dress I bought at the warehouse sale that's never been worn (because it's about 2 sizes too big), a polo shirt, and a sweater... I also plan to put my Juicy Couture gold pumps in there.... if I can find them. I seemed to have misplaced a pair of $200 shoes.... that have NEVER been worn.... ugh..... I think I have some pink J Crew pumps too that still have the tags.... ( I like to buy pretty things... but I live in flats & jeans)

Our home has very little storage space... and our 3rd bedroom looks like a storage unit now since we rented out our spare bedroom. We have a tiny attic, which is stuffed to the brim with crap like... a crib, a high chair, Jeremy's old concert posters, Christmas decor, stuff from our wedding that I haven't sold. ugh....

I keep telling myself that one day we'll have a bigger home, and we'll have a place for all this stuff.... tell me I'm not crazy!


  1. I just purged my closet of things I've been holding on for too long. I understand. It really is hard. Especially for me when it comes to clothing. I am a sentimental person...thankfully all the stuff I've been holding on to since HS are still in my parents garage. I dont think they've discovered that it is still there. However they did send my prom dresses to my new place. I just can't part.

  2. Oh I even parted with my prom dresses last year!! The only one I kept was the one I wore to prom with Jeremy....

  3. .......... and I have oodles of stuff in my dad's garage that I'll go through one day....

  4. Yep... am I southern or what? lol