Thursday, January 20, 2011


I went out to get our mail last night, and in the midst of the stacks of junk mail was a Boden catalog... This is the 2nd one I've received. Do you get Boden? Well, I could own just about every piece of clothing in it. It's kinda like some J Crew hottie hooked up with Lilly Pulitzer and Boden is their child.

I love it, I love the colors, the styles, the shapes. But not the prices. Holy hell.... why are cotton tunics $98.... who do you think you are? Banana? Wrong. Although I suppose if it's the offspring of Lilly & JCrew, I ought to just be thrilled they come in under $100. (but I'm not... heeelllllooo recession? Who am I kidding, I don't have this kind of money when times are good!)

Anyway... this led me to their website last night where I discovered their "clearance" section. I use that word loosely.... most items were still over $50. However.... there it was.... an effing gray, velvet blazer.

You know my trials & tribulations of trying to find one... and returning every. single. one.

I think I might just have to buy this one. (and then probably hate it & return it, since that seems to be the cycle, here)

What are your thoughts on Boden?

........... on 2nd thought, forget it.... when I went to pull the image to blog it, the gray is now sold out! Story of my life.... (yeah, you know that cute Jonathan Adler elephant ornament I wanted.... it went on sale, I put it in my "cart" and the next day I went to buy it.... sold out.... along with the hippo ornament I wanted too.... ugh!)

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  1. I LOVE Boden! I live in England, where it's a staple! It's pricey but it lasts forever. I love it!