Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yesterday: I was able to skip out of my office about 2.5 hours early to finish up some photos for our next issue of Grange News at home. I got home and Jeremy wasn't home  yet. He'd been running some errands. He arrived home about 4 with photos I'd wanted him to develop at Biggs. Last summer I took our rings and took random photos of them.... and well, it's taken this long to get around to developing them. Jeremy had them put on CD too, so I'll upload a few later.

He'd already been to Lumber Liquidators to get our new hardwood flooring. He thought he'd have to make 2 trips, but he managed to get it all in one trip.... and MAN OH MAN was his truck FULL! We got all of it out of the truck and into our dining area... I'll be sure to take a photo of it all stacked up... it's A LOT of flooring!!!

I'm so excited that it's all bought and paid for, and will be in before we all know it! We're planning to have a cookout on the night of June 12, and he's promised that at least the 1st floor will be done by then.... YAY! I'm hoping more will be done, but I'll be happy with what we get.

On another note: Jeremy has a JOB INTERVIEW today!!!! So everyone say a little prayer, sprinkle some job dust, and send some love our way! It's with the DOT in Charlotte.

I'll update later with all these pics :-)


  1. Are you installing the floors on your own or having someone put them in? I really want to install hardwood or pergo flooring in our downstairs by myself! but I think Brent thinks I'm crazy!....

  2. We are doing it ourselves!!! Jeremy's dad is coming down to help him get it started next weekend.