Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pretty Please.....

Could someone ship me these.... size 7 would be great ;-)

We're headed down to Wilmington tomorrow afternoon and it can't get here fast enough! We have no agenda, but to lay on the beach, eat seafood, and be lazy! We're coming back on Sunday so we can move furniture, and pack up stuff so that Jeremy and his dad can start on the new flooring first thing Monday morning!! We picked out some paint colors for Jeremy to pick up samples of today....

We've decided to put chair rail in our dining area, and paint a dark gray under the rail and white above the rail. We're still struggling on what do do with the wall our new desk is on. I am tempted to paint the shelf gray, instead of trying to paint the wall.

We got our black bookcases sold this morning, so we'll be making a trip to IKEA to purchase our new tv console cabinet... sorry no photo of it on the website :-( It's white with a clear door on each side and open shelving in the middle.

Jeremy also got our tv wall mount yesterday and all the goodies to run the surround sound wire in the walls instead of under the carpet (which will be ripped up Monday!)

That's all for now.... Happy Thursday!!!

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  1. Yay for long weekends at the beach with no agendas!! Hope you guys have a splendid time! :)