Thursday, May 13, 2010

Furniture Shuffle....

It's no secret we have a house full of missmatch pieces of furniture. In an effort to remedy this situation, without having to spend too much money here's what we've come up with.....

We currently have this dresser in our room:

Which matches nothing in our room.... my theory is to paint it white, and put cute hardware on it- and ditch the mirror... or at least put it in the attic.... this will be come our future baby's dresser/changing table and will have a new home in our *now* office.

Now... what to do with all the office furniture? The big computer cabinet will most likely make it's way into our bedroom and now serve as the dresser. We'll put some pretty baskets in it to hold all of Jeremy's goods.

*No pic of the cabinet.... it's usually a disaster, and never in photo taking form*

Not too sure about our bookcase.... Jeremy has a good amount of books... so we'll have to find a solution to this.

Now here's the fun part. This desk that's in our kitchen (housing our kitchenaid mixer, cooking utensils, dish rags, ect. will have to find a new home.... and sadly, it may be the attic.... or possibly our room.... since the lovely cradle that's in our room will be going to live with Sabrina for when baby Kendall is sleeping in their bedroom.

So... why are we finding a new home for the desk? Well.... because we're getting.... another desk. Yeah, I know, because we need it.... ha! Here's the catch to ALL of this.... We have a dog crate... that is the bane of my existance. I HATE HATE HATE that it sits out in our kitchen.... an eyesore for all to see, and trip over. The originial reason for bringinig the desk downstaris was because we thought we could put the crate under it and I could sew a nice little skirt for the desk, thus hinding said dog crate..... didn't work out as planed. The crate was too wide and tall to fit under it. So.... I *think* we're getting this from Ikea, with the adjustable legs! This way we can have it the same height as our counters, and the crate will just perfectly fit under it! And... it's stainless steel- so theoretically it should somewhat match our kitchen.... (sink & fridge are stainless)
(Pre moving the desk in)

Desk is moved in... but crate doesn't fit under it, so the crate is next to it (out sight in photo)

Here's the new desk top from Ikea! That will hold our pretty Apple computer :-)
and hide the crate! Now I just need a super awesome bar stool to sit on there!! And... I can be downstairs with Jeremy watching tv :-)

This will mean we are moving the computer downstairs into plain view.... a cardinal sin to my mother. Electronics are not pieces of furniture, so they should be hidden. I do feel the same way, promise. BUT when you come home from spending 9 hours in a windowless office on a computer (me, now) the last thing I want to do is spend another 2-6 hours in our dungon of an office.... even though it has a window, it's completely seperated from Jeremy, who's downstairs watching tv/cooking dinner/ playing with doggies/ ect. and I feel like I never see him! Not to mention there's no tv in our office.... so it's lonely and I miss all the good tv :-(

And... we're finally going through on putting in our hardwood floors... YAY! and when that's done, I AM redecorating our downstairs.... new paint, new pillows, new curtains... all gray & orange! So maybe the stainless desk will coordinate :-)

That was a lot.... hope it all made sense!!!

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  1. YAY for all the renovations! :)