Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Desk!!!!

I'm currently typing to you from our NEW stainless desk!! YAY!!!!! Here's a few quickies I took yesterday after my meltdown subsided.....

note: I had a meltdown because we bought the bigger of the two tabletops to accommodate the dog crate AND a chair under it...... well... we're still about 5" too short :-( I was realllllly pissed when I realized this. So for the moment, I'll be dragging over one of our kitchen chairs (bar height) until we find a solution.....

well.... opened the blog this morning and lovely Jessica V. had left me this link in the last comment box.....

OMG.... if we buy the shorter one, and raise the desk about 2" it will completely side right under!!!!! Thanks Jess!!!!

Now.... do I made the skirt to hide all the goodies underneath.... or find someone??? Anyone know anyone???

1 comment:

  1. Glad you like it! I had just finished flipping through the catalog when I saw your post. I just knew you'd love the orange leather :)